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The Best Hot Tub Vacuum To Buy – Updated 2022

You’ve invested in your fun and leisure time by buying an inflatable and portable hot tub, and you’ve loved evenings beneath the stars while entertaining friends and family. Now is the time to think about how to keep your new luxury in good shape.

You must consider the cleaning of your hot tub in order to maintain it safe and to improve your relaxation and massage experience. There’s nothing worse than taking back the cover to find it full of garbage, sand, and leaves on the bottom; to avoid this, invest in a hot tub vacuum.

So without further ado, here’s our selection of the best hot tub vacuums to buy in 2022

Pool & Spa Vac Hot Tub Spa Pool Vacuum

Pool & Spa Vac Hot Tub Spa Pool Vacuum
  • Simple easy to use pool or spa vacuum
  • Does not use electricity, no batteries, no plugging in
  • Works when in water by suction caused by pulling out the handle

This compact spa vac is ideal for cleaning hot tubs and removing any sand or debris that has accumulated on the spa’s bottom over time. Nothing is more frustrating than getting into your hot tub for a soothing treatment only to discover that you’re sitting on grit and debris.

When using a hot tub hoover, being able to get into the corners and crevices is critical, and this one not only has the suction force but is also compact enough to do so.

This works without batteries or electricity, and it creates suction by manually extending the pump handle while it is submerged. This has a limited operating depth, so it wouldn’t be ideal for pools, but it would be ideal for 2 person hot tubs, up to 6 person hot tubs, and so on.

This option comes with a slide-on brush, a broad end nozzle, a dual end nozzle, and a skimmer net for catching anything floating on the water’s surface.

Bestway Pool Aqua Scan Cordless Hot Tub Vacuum

Bestway Pool Aqua Scan Electric Pool Vacuum Cleaner
  • Electric pool vacuum cleaner for pool maintenance
  • Battery-powered pump creates suction, without the use of hoses or electrical cords
  • Telescopic handle with ergonomic grip and locking mechanism, telescopic pole reaches up to 1.5 m/5 feet when fully extended
  • Quick to assemble, no tools needed. Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes an easy-to-empty debris collection bag and underside wheels for easy gliding

This cordless option from Bestway, a well-known pool manufacturer, is powered by batteries, eliminating the problem of a cord that gets in the way or doesn’t reach your hot tub or pool.

This option is great if you have a swimming pool, since it has a telescopic pole that can reach up to 1.5m (5 feet) and an ergonomic handle for convenience of usage. It can be used for both an above ground pool and an inflatable hot tub.

The battery-powered pump will provide enough suction to suck up any grit or dirt that may be lurking on the bottom of your spa, ensuring that it is spotless for your next spa experience.

This slim and stylish choice runs on 8 AA batteries (not supplied) and has no hoses or connections to obstruct movement, making it extremely simple to operate. It comes with an easy-to-empty garbage collection bag and glides easily on wheels.

If you’re on a budget, this is an economical and high-quality item that’s simple to put together without the use of tools and easy to store when not in use.

Lay-Z-Spa Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum for Hot Tubs

Lay-Z-Spa Rechargeable Vacuum, Hot Tub Cleaning Tool, White
  • Clean your hot tube with ease and keep it in pristine condition with this underwater vacuum
  • Cordless operation lets you clean without having to worry about any long cables getting in the way
  • Rechargeable battery delivers 30 minutes of constant performance and can be recharged with USB connection
  • Pivot head with wheels and brushes makes it easy to clean the hard to reach places
  • Lightweight design makes the vacuum portable so you can effortlessly clean your Lay-Z-Spa

Lay-Z-Spa, a well-known spa and hot tub manufacturer, offers this option. It boasts a fantastically light and portable handheld design with no cables or hoses to get in the way.

This device is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, as it features a pivot head, wheels, and brushes that make cleaning the base of hot tubs a snap.

The spa vac is powered by a high capacity lithium battery and features an easily accessible stainless steel filter that is also very easy to empty of debris. The spa vac will give you 30 minutes of run time on a full charge, but you will be able to clean your hot tub in minutes with this model, so no worries there.

This spa vac comes with an extension pole that may be purchased separately if you need it for deeper pools. When your hot tub is clean and clear of particles or beach sand, simply plug in your lazy spa hoover via the USB socket to charge it for the next time you use it.

Intex Pool Maintenance Kit including Spa Vacuum

Intex Pool maintenance kit - pool accessories - pool cleaning set - 2 pieces
  • Consists of leaf or ground net
  • Aluminum telescopic pole with a length of 239 cm
  • Floor vacuum works according to the Venturi principle (simply connect to the garden hose)
  • To & amp; ldquo; lengthen or & amp; ouml; open the rod, hold each plastic handle section in place and turn it & amp; bdquo; clockwise & amp; ldquo; to loosen and pull out the stick to get it to lengthen. Then turn & amp; bdquo; counterclockwise & amp; ldquo; to lock each section in place
  • To retract or close the rod, first turn the plastic handle clockwise to loosen it, then slide the rod in to shorten it. Rotate the plastic handle section & ldquo; counterclockwise & ldquo; to lock each section in place

This Intex Pool Maintenance Kit, cleans your swimming pool and hot tub or spa. The 110-inch telescoping aluminium pole is ideal for use with an above-ground pool with a diameter of 18 feet.

The spa vacuum will suction and filter any debris from your pool or hot tub’s floor, and it may be used with a garden hose or pool outlet connector.

Please keep in mind that this is an accessory maintenance kit that requires an Intex filter pump with a flow rate of at least 800 gph.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool and Spa Cleaner
  • Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Rechargeable Pool & Spa Vacuum w/ fast recharger
  • Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor; Built-In Hanging Storage Notch. Pool Blaster MAX is wall mountable for grab and go convenience
  • With Quick Release Telescopic Pole Connector. Extra power for deep cleaning with its Super-High Flow pump located in the machine
  • Clip-on Wheels For Concrete & Gunite Pools ; Clip-On Brushes For Vinyl-Lined Pools
  • Dent, ding, and fade proof ; lightweight body ; Built-in hanging storage notch

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful pool vacuum cleaner, the Pool Blaster Max is a good choice. The best part is that it can operate independently of your pool’s filtration equipment.

It performs well owing to the fact that it has 20% more power than a conventional vacuum cleaner. It has a larger filter bag that can handle 40% more than the normal cleaner, which is a nice bonus.

It’s also quite simple to operate because you can link it to a telepole and move it about the spa and pool floors, steps, and walls. The good news is that the system includes improved water vents, which allow it to collect more trash in less time. You’ll have complete peace of mind while the vacuum cleans because there are no cables or hoses.

Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

It is critical that you establish a maintenance regimen for your hot tub; after all, they are an investment that can endure for years if properly cared for. It will be simple to keep your hot tub clean, crystal clear, and, most importantly, bacteria-free if you follow a regimen.

Check your chemical to water ratio with a test strip at least every other day to ensure it is enough; it is far easier to maintain than it is to drain and handle any severe problems that may arise if you ignore your spa. Dropping a tennis ball or two in the water while not in use is said to assist remove any oils that may be present in the water, as their fluffy exterior loves to soak it up.

Even if the spa is not in use, check your filters and run your filtration system on a regular basis; even with chemicals, water can become bad, so keep that circulation going….

Check your user manual to determine whether your unit has an auto circulation setting; it should be done at least once a day for 15 to 20 minutes, preferably twice. Tip: If you don’t have an automatic setting, consider running it during off-peak hours to save money.

Clean above and around the waterline every time you use your hot tub, but at the very least once a week. This will save you a lot of time and effort that the build-up of coatings on the walls can create.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to vacuum a hot tub?

To vacuum a hot tub, simply place your hot tub vacuum gently into the water, being careful not to disturb any sand or debris on the bottom.

When your spa vacuum is on the bottom of the spa, slowly moving from edge to edge and gradually across, it will suck up the majority of the garbage without disturbing the sediments.

What is the best way to clean a hot tub without draining it?

There isn’t a decent method to completely clean a hot tub without draining it, but if you’re stuck and need to, the best option is to double-check your Ph levels and shock your hot tub.

If your spa is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning, drain half of the water and replenish; this should address any issues without draining completely. Keep up with maintenance and develop a timetable to avoid having to empty the tank for prolonged periods of time.

How Does a Hot Tub Vacuum Work?

They operate in the same way as a standard vacuum cleaner in your home. The suction power of the cleaner allows it to consume all of the filth and debris in your hot tub.

The reduced size of hot tub cleaners distinguishes them from normal vacuum cleaners. They have a modern appearance and are designed to reach all areas of the tub. Some of these cleaners include small heads to help you reach regions that are difficult to reach.

Why buy a Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner?

Even if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner for your home, a vacuum cleaner for your hot tub or pool is a good investment. Dirt and debris can cause a variety of issues, and in the case of swimming pools, leaves and other things must also be dealt with. The following are a few of the most prevalent reasons to invest in a hot tub vacuum cleaner:

It cleans extensively and effectively. There will be no location inaccessible to these vacuum cleaners due to their compact design. You can easily clean the drain area as well. You may even use these cleansers to clean the area around your hot tub filter or pump.

It helps you save time and effort. If you try to do it by hand, you will waste a lot of time and still fall short of cleaning like a professional vacuum cleaner. As a result, investing in a long-lasting vacuum cleaner makes a lot of sense.

You may utilise a variety of accessories to make cleaning more easier. With so many accessories to choose from, you’ll be able to improve the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner significantly. Brush nozzles, attachable skimmers, absorbent sponges, and other accessories are all popular.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hot Tub Vacuum

There are many different types of hot tubs to choose from. Some are very ordinary, while others are extremely powerful, capable of caring for both hot tubs and larger swimming pools. To guarantee that you buy a vacuum that is ideal for your hot tub or pool, you must consider a few factors.

Corded or Cordless

Before you make your final decision on a hot tub vacuum, think about the size of your pool.

For smaller hot tubs and pools, a corded vacuum is usually the best solution. However, you should consider whether you’ll be dealing with small or huge particles, as this will decide how powerful of a vacuum you’ll need.

Because it uses suction power, a corded vacuum can effectively take up minute particles such as crumbs, small pebbles, dirt, and even tiny toys.

Large detritus, such as insects, leaves, and plant parts, will necessitate the use of a more powerful tool, such as a handheld vacuum. They are usually corded and have the ability to easily catch heavier particles. Corded vacuums have the advantage of being able to clean both hot tubs and larger pools.

Consider Your Budget

You must first determine how much money you have to spend on a hot tub vacuum, as well as if you require a corded or cordless cleaner. Because cordless cleaners are not as powerful as corded cleaners, they are less expensive.

The cost of corded cleaners that can work underwater is significantly higher, so you’ll need to start with a larger budget.

How to clean your hot tub with a hot tub vacuum

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