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The Best Integrated Fridge Freezers To Buy UK 2022

The benefit of an integrated appliance is that it makes no difference what it looks like. It makes no difference whether it’s elegant stainless steel or ordinary white because it sits silently hidden away behind the cabinet door.

It might be difficult to know where to begin when redesigning your kitchen or replacing an old integrated fridge freezer.

There are numerous considerations to be considered when purchasing a new appliance, as with every purchase, and our helpful buying guide should assist. It’ll walk you through what to look for as well as a detailed look at the best integrated fridge freezers on the market so you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the best equipment for your needs.

BEKO BCFD373 Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer

BEKO BCFD373 Integrated 7030 Fridge Freezer

Dimensions (mm): 1775 x 540 x 545 (H x W x D)

Capacity: 186 L (fridge) / 69 L (freezer)


  • Harvest Fresh technology for fresh veg
  • Adjustable fridge shelves
  • Rapid freeze drawers in freezer
  • Door alarm


  • No temperature display

Our selection for the best frost-free model is this one. The Harvest Fresh technology, together with 70% of the fridge capacity, is designed to be ideal for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables.

This technique intrigues me since I appreciate having fresh produce on hand. It is said to employ three different coloured lights at different times throughout the day to simulate the sun cycle, which keeps the vegetables fresh.

It’s debatable whether this actually works, but no one has complained about it in user reviews.

This appliance is an obvious pick for best frost free model because both the upfront cost and the annual operating cost are both quite inexpensive.

Samsung BRB26615FWW Integrated Fridge Freezer With Wine Shelf, Fixed Hinge


Dimensions (mm): 1775(H) x 540(W) x 550(D)

Capacity: 267 Litres


  • All-around cooling
  • SpaceMax Technology
  • Salad Crisper Drawer
  • Reversible Door


  • No anti-bacterial coating
  • No temperature warning light

If you enjoy fresh vegetables, you may notice that your refrigerator fills up quickly but your freezer remains empty. If this describes you, why not save room by purchasing a refrigerator with a larger capacity.

Samsung designed this refrigerator freezer so that the fridge takes up 70% of the space and the freezer takes up only 30%. The fridge has a capacity of 195 litres, which is roughly 10 shopping bags.

The fridge has such a large capacity thanks to Samsung’s Spacemax technology, which was created to reduce the thickness of the refrigerator’s walls. As a result, you’ll have more room for eating.

All-around chilling evenly circulates cool air throughout the fridge freezer, ensuring that your ice cream does not defrost!

It has an A++ energy rating, which means it will save you money on your energy costs. However, because this model has a fixed door rather than a sliding door, it may not be suitable for every kitchen.

BEKO HarvestFresh BCFD3V73 Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer

BEKO HarvestFresh BCFD3V73 Integrated 70 30 Fridge Freezer

Dimensions (mm): 1775(H) x 540 (W) x 545 (D)

Capacity: 186L Fridge/ 69L Freezer


  • Harvest Fresh technology for fresh veg
  • Rapid freezer drawers in freezer
  • Adjustable shelves in fridge
  • Door alarm


  • No temperature display

What makes this model unique is the Harvest Fresh technology, which consists of lights in the freezer drawer that cycle through three colours to imitate the solar cycle throughout the day, keeping your vegetables fresh.

Will this, however, actually work?

To be honest, I’m not sure. There will almost certainly be a placebo effect, which is usually great because it makes looking in the fridge more fascinating and adds novelty value. There are a lot of people who claim it works, therefore it must work at least a little amount for them to be able to say so.

It’s more than enough to make it worthwhile, especially considering it doesn’t increase the price.

Everything you could want in a frost-free integrated refrigerator freezer.

Things to Think About Before Purchasing An Integrated Fridge Freezer

Before you commit to replacing an integrated fridge freezer, there are a few things to think about. This buying guide should answer most of your queries and assist you in selecting the best refrigerator freezer for your needs.

Energy Efficiency

A fridge freezer’s energy rating indicates how much you’ll likely spend on electricity bills as well as how environmentally friendly the appliance is. For modern appliances, the grade goes from A+ to A+++, with more pluses indicating a more efficient device.


The capacity of your refrigerator freezer indicates how much food it can hold. The amount is expressed in litres and is indicated as total capacity, which includes both refrigerator and freezer space. One bag of groceries is around 18 litres, thus a 150 litre fridge will hold slightly over 8 bags of groceries.

To determine what size fridge freezer you need, consider how much shopping you generally buy each week and how often you prefer to shop.

Ratio of the fridge to freezer split

With different models, the size of the fridge in relation to the size of the freezer can vary. They usually fit into a 50:50, 60 percent fridge, 40 percent freezer, or 70 percent fridge, 30 percent freezer configuration. There are a few factors to consider while deciding which one is ideal for you.

Do you require storage for a large quantity of fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and so on? If this is a top priority in your weekly shopping, a larger refrigerator will be more handy.

Do you enjoy meal planning and preparing large batches of food to freeze for later? Is frozen food a regular occurrence in your household? If this is the case, a 50:50 split is required, as you do not want to lose any frozen food storage space.

The optimal purchase option is mostly determined by your requirements.


Because your new refrigerator freezer must fit within the area provided in your kitchen, dimensions are critical. When it comes to size, most integrated fridge freezers are quite similar, but they do vary by a few centimetres.

This could mean the difference between the appliance fitting perfectly and it not fitting in between the kitchen cabinets.

To avoid disappointment, make sure you carefully measure the area you have available and double-check the proportions of each one.

Is there a reversible door on it?

All of the types described below include replaceable hinges, allowing you to adjust the doors to open from the left or right.

It’s critical to double-check that your new refrigerator freezer has this feature or that the hinges are on the same side as your kitchen cabinet doors. Because the doors won’t work if the hinges aren’t aligned, you won’t be able to use the fridge freezer as an integrated appliance. Before you click the buy button, double-check this!

You should also make certain that you purchase a replacement appliance with the identical door hardware. It’s crucial to know if the hinge is sliding or fixed, as the old door may not fit a new type.


Is the size of all integrated refrigerators freezers the same?

Because different models differ by a few centimetres, you can’t be sure that any new one will fit in the space you have. Before you buy a new fridge freezer, take meticulous measurements and double-check the dimensions.

Is it possible to integrate a freestanding fridge freezer?

No, that is not the case. Freestanding fridge freezers come in a variety of sizes, and their doors will not fit your cabinet doors. Of course, if the appliance fits, you can put it in the cupboard without using the door feature.

If you have room for an integrated fridge freezer, the best advise is to choose one that is built for that purpose.

What’s the difference between a built-in fridge and an integrated fridge?

Both of these names refer to the same thing. The term “integrated” or “built into the kitchen” simply refers to the refrigerator being fitted in a cabinet area that is flush with the existing cabinets in the kitchen.

What’s the difference between an integrated fridge freezer and an American style refrigerator freezer?

In comparison to the typical fridge freezer design, the American-style fridge freezer has a substantially bigger capacity. They are typically designed to be side-by-side and open via a double door layout. They frequently have water dispensers as well as a variety of other fascinating features such as low frost settings and touch controls. They are normally more expensive to purchase, but they are worthwhile if you have a large family and the space in your home for one.

Reviews of Other Integrated Fridge Freezers

Beko BCFD173 Integrated 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer with Sliding Door Fixing Kit

Beko BCFD173 Integrated 70 30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer with Sliding Door Fixing Kit

Size: (H)177.8 x (W)54.0 x (D)54.5

Capacity: 262 Litres


Anti-bacterial coating

Frost Free Freezer

Wine Rack


No temperature warning light

No display panel

You might be interested in a frost-free fridge freezer if you’re tired of scraping ice out of the freezer compartment.

Beko features a fantastic design that circulates cool air continuously to prevent frost and ice from forming.

Mold cannot grow in the fridge since it has a sanitary anti-bacterial inner layer.

Because the reversible doors are attached with a sliding door hinge, they will fit into most kitchens. There is no display panel or temperature warning light, but it features an easy to use temperature control.

Because the fridge has a larger capacity than the freezer, it is ideal for those who enjoy fresh foods.

Hisense RIB291F4AW1 Integrated 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Hisense RIB291F4AW1 Integrated 50 50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer with Sliding Door Fixing Kit

Size: (H)177.2 x (W)54.0 x (D)54.0

Capacity: 240 Litres


Reversible Door

LED Display and Temperature Warning Light

Rapid Cool

Total No Frost


No Anti-Bacterial Coating

When it comes to cold storage, the Hisense fridge freezer is perfectly balanced. If the temperature controls have failed or the fridge door has been left open, the handy LED display lets you know right away.

No frost technology circulates air constantly to prevent ice from forming inside. It also includes a wine rack, which is ideal for parties or keeping a variety of bottles.

Food deterioration is maintained to a minimum thanks to the fast freeze/rapid cooling system.

There are a few drawbacks to this machine, including the lack of an antibacterial coating on the fridge interior, which necessitates more frequent cleaning. It also demands a room temperature of at least 16 degrees, which is inconvenient if you reside in a colder location.

Last Thoughts

Integrated fridge freezers are available with a variety of functions and designs. Before you make a decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type and thoroughly measure your area. Hopefully, this article has answered all of your questions and given you more confidence in your decision to purchase a new appliance.

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