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The Best Ironing Boards For Small Spaces

If you have a limited amount of space in your home, you should consider purchasing an ironing board that is designed specifically for small spaces.

The smallest of spaces can be accommodated by ironing boards that fold up into the door of a cupboard, half-sized ironing boards, and even ironing boards that sit on top of a table.

The best small space ironing boards on the market have been reviewed to ensure that you can store your ironing board no matter how limited your storage space is.

The Best Ironing Boards To Buy For Small Spaces

Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board

Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board Size S (95 x 30cm) Compact Flat-Folding Steam Iron Table, Ideal for Apartments & Caravans (Fern Shades)
  • Size S: 95 x 30 cm
  • Compact design and easy storage - legs fold flat and comes with a retractable hook for hanging
  • Non-slip caps for optimal grip ensuring stability and protecting the worktop
  • Cover: 100% cotton with resilient layers - suitable for steam ironing
  • 10 Year Brabantia Guarantee

Brabantia is well-known for producing high-quality products, and this table top ironing board is no different.

Surface area for ironing: 95 x 30cm
Dimensions when folded: H102 x W31 x D5 cm.
Made of corrosion-resistant steel with a retractable hook for hanging 100 percent cotton cover with a foam layer Durable steel construction
Protective non-slip caps provide additional safety while also preventing damage to the worktop.
Suitable for use with a steam iron
It can be folded flat for convenient storage.

This table’s legs fold completely flat, allowing it to be stored under a bed, behind a sofa, or neatly to the side of a cupboard. It also includes a retractable hook, allowing it to be hung on the door of a tall cupboard.

The feet are equipped with grippers, which make them stable enough to be used on a tabletop, even a glass table.

Are there any drawbacks? If you have a large number of work shirts to iron, this may feel a little claustrophobic. It’s true that being only 31cm wide means you’ll have to iron in smaller sections than you might be accustomed to, but it’s perfectly manageable. Considering the amount of storage space you’ll save, we think this is an excellent choice for a smaller ironing board.

Leifheit Ironing Board Air Board M Compact

Leifheit Ironing Board Air Board M Compact for Fast Ironing, Iron without Creases, extra light Ironing Board for Steam Iron for Smooth Laundry, 120 x 38 x 78-98 cm
  • Fast ironing - 33% faster ironing with a Thermo-Reflect highly efficient steam and heat reflection cover, suitable for any standard steam iron
  • Ultra lightweight - This Ironing Board has an ultra-light surface and frame weighing only 4 kg, 25% lighter than comparable ironing boards. Lightweight ironing board
  • Height adjustable - With a strong sturdy frame, this iron boards height can adjust using a lever, ranging between 78 - 98 cm. Sturdy board
  • Compact - The clothes folding board has a surface area of 120 x 38 cm and folds down to a compact ironing board making it storage-friendly
  • Product details - Leifheit Airboard for fast ironing, fixed iron tray for standard steam irons and cable holder, Open 120 x 38 x 78-98 cm, Ironing surface 120 x 38 cm, Closed 154 x 42 x 9 cm, Weight 4 kg, Item 72585

The Leifheit AirBoard is available on Amazon and is our top pick for the best compact ironing board because it weighs less than the average ironing board at just 10.5 lbs in total. This is, without a doubt, a lighter model than the majority of standard ironing boards. The goal here is to provide users with the most optimised ironing surfaces possible, while also ensuring that they are as practical as possible throughout their ironing experience. Because of its lighter weight, this design is ideal for all users, but it is especially beneficial to those with limited mobility issues. The height of the Leifheit AirBoard ranges from 29.5 to 34.6 inches, making it easier to set up and move around to suit your needs. It is made of a 100 percent cotton cover and a 100 percent polyurethane pad beneath it for added comfort. The thermal reflected titanium coating on this model, on the other hand, is a fantastic concept because it works to reduce heat and steam, resulting in a staggering 33 percent reduction in ironing time. It is also perfectly suited for use solely with steam irons and no other methods. The board has a four-leg design that ensures stability, as well as a compact frame. There is also an iron rest attached to the board, which provides a safe place to rest your iron while you are at your workstation. Additionally, this model features a unique shoulder design that makes it easier to iron those difficult-to-reach areas of shirts and blouses, resulting in a crease-free finish every time.

It has been reported that customers who have purchased the Leifheit AirBoard have found it to be one of the most comfortable and lightweight ironing boards on the market – which they believe makes the ironing process less of a chore and makes it much more convenient to store when not in use. One of the most significant advantages of this model is the relative ease with which it can be positioned to suit the situation.

Nisorpa Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Nisorpa Folding Ironing Board Rotatable 90° Drawer Ironing Platform With Heat-resistant Cover for Space Saving 810 x 310MM (Fold Down)
  • ROTATABLE - Drawer ironing board can rotate 90° horizontally. LxWxH: 81 x 31 x 12.5cm/31.9 x 12.2 x 4.9inch when its open. Foldable Approx: 44 x 31 x 14cm/17.3 x 12.2 x 5.5inch.
  • RETRACTABLE DESIGN - Rotatable pull out ironing board foldable design, convenient storage, saving storage space. So it can also be used parallel to the wall on the left side if space is tight.
  • SAFE & SECURE - Folding ironing board is very safe and secure and locks firmly into position. Wooden ironing board is strong and stable and the top quality cotton cover has a beige classical look design.
  • HEAR-RESISTANT COVER- Wooden Ironing board cover cotton anti-scalding cloth cover that can be easily removed, high temperature resistant and easy to clean.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Built-in ironing board has strong load-bearing capacity, simple installation steps, easy to operate.

Ironing board with a 90-degree horizontal rotation
Ironing board made of wood
When open, the dimensions are 81cm x 31cm x 12.5cm; when folded, the dimensions are 44cm x 31cm x 14cm.

When in use, it secures itself into place.
Cover that is resistant to heat
The built-in ironing board has a high load-bearing capacity, requires only a few simple installation steps, and is simple to use.

Despite the fact that it is not the cheapest ironing board on our list, this ironing board is sturdy and will last for years if properly cared for. Despite the fact that this board weighs 19 pounds, it appears to be sturdy.

The rotating function makes it simple to use in even the smallest of spaces, and the board’s fold-away feature allows it to be stored in a standard cupboard.

If you don’t have enough kitchen space to keep it, this board will fit perfectly in a closet.

Are there any drawbacks? It appears that the cover is a little thinner than I would have liked, but this does not appear to have an impact on the finished garment.

Nisorpa Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Nisorpa Wall Mounted Ironing Board Folding Away Metal Iron Table 180° Rotatable Space Saving With Heat Resistant Ironing Cover 985 x 300 x 185MM
  • ROTATABLE - Wall mounted Ironing board can rotate 180° horizontally, LxWxH: 98.5x30x18.5cm/39x12x7.3inch, when its open.
  • SMART RETRACTABLE DESIGN - Wall hung ironing board foldable design, convenient storage, saving storage space.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Foldable ironing board has strong load-bearing capacity, which can be easily screwed on the wall.
  • SAFE & SECURE - The folding ironing board is very safe and secure and locks firmly into position. Visible metal parts are plastic coated in a bright clean white.
  • HEAR-RESISTANT COVER - Rotatable Ironing board cover cotton anti-scalding cloth cover that can be easily removed, high temperature resistant and easy to clean.

This ironing board is extremely safe to use and locks securely into place. Metal parts that are visible have been plastic coated in a bright white colour.
Wall-mounted ironing board with foldable design for easy storage and space-saving design for storage space
Perfect for ironing in small spaces such as tiny homes, small utility rooms, studio apartments, and recreational vehicles. Swivels 180 degrees.
Comes with an ironing board cover that is heat resistant. The cover is made entirely of cotton and can be washed in the washing machine.

Even though it is the most expensive of our top picks, this fold away ironing board makes our list because of the excellent way it is mounted to the wall and can be used almost anywhere.

In addition to being extremely durable and capable of withstanding significant ironing pressure, it is also extremely simple to pull out and put back into storage after you’ve finished ironing!

Downsides? The cover is a little on the thin side, which I’ve noticed with several of these smaller ironing boards, but it’s not noticeable enough to have an impact on the finished ironing results.

Vileda Carino tabletop board

Vileda Carino Table Top Ironing Board, Metal, Green, 100 x 38cm
  • Table top ironing board
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Hanger for easy storage
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

It’s ideal for ironing smaller items of clothing and is particularly useful if you’re short on both space and time. Simply fold the mini legs down and place the ironing board on a work surface or table to begin pressing.

Even though we wouldn’t recommend it for larger families who require a lot of ironing or for those who are adamant about ironing their duvets, it’s perfectly acceptable for t-shirts and denim shorts. If you’re going to be ironing for a long period of time, make sure you choose a surface that is the proper height for you. Otherwise, you could end up with back strain.

Vileda Smart Ironing Board

Vileda Smart Ironing Board, Pink
  • Extra handy due to the size
  • Steam permeable mesh metal surface with cotton and foam cover
  • Solid iron rest with silicon bumper
  • Transport lock
  • TÜV-GS tested & 2 years guarantee

The only reason that some families still do not have an ironing board is because they do not have a lot of available space in their homes. This problem, on the other hand, is easily remedied. The Vileda Pink Smart Ironing Board is 34 x 114 cm in size and weighs slightly more than 4 kg, making it especially useful for people who live in small spaces. It is also available in a variety of colours.

Despite its smaller size, the unit is built with quality materials and construction. To be precise, it can support up to 10 kg of weight in the centre and more than four kilogrammes of weight on the sides, making it suitable for ironing even bulky and heavy items such as curtains, blankets, bed linen, and other similar items. In addition, the board is equipped with foot caps, which prevent the board from swinging and wobbling and provide additional support and stability.

When it comes to convenient features, this model has a plethora to choose from. You will receive a solid rest iron with silicone bumpers, which will allow you to rest a hot iron on it. There’s also a transport lock, which allows you to keep the board from collapsing while in transit. Additionally, you have a choice between two colours: pink or blue for the board’s cover, allowing you to match it to the colour scheme of your home or office.

The board’s only flaw is that it has a rounded end design, which is a minor inconvenience. Because of this, it is not recommended for ironing small details such as sleeves and armholes. That being said, if you are looking for a unit that is both space-saving and powerful, the Vileda Pink Smart Ironing Board will not let you down.

How do you store an ironing board in a small space?

If you choose a small ironing board that is wall mounted, you can place your board anywhere there is enough space to pull it down as and when you require it. This is particularly useful because they can be used to cover a table or anything else and then folded up and stored away as soon as you’re finished ironing.

You have several options when it comes to putting away and storing a smaller ironing board that isn’t already attached to the ironing board.

If you want to keep the board out of sight completely, consider storing it under your bed or under the sofa. Some other places to keep your board when not in use include: the inside of your wardrobe, behind a door, down the side of your washing machine or dryer, or in a small space beside a refrigerator or a frozen food storage unit.

Due to the fact that these boards are smaller than traditional ironing boards, it is usually quite simple to find a place to store them. Of course, the more frequently you use them, the more convenient it must be to access them.

What is the standard size for a small ironing board?

It is considered to be small when the ironing board measures less than 15 inches by 54 inches, which is the standard size for a traditional ironing board in the United States.

Smaller ironing boards do not have a standard size, and the size is determined more by the brand and manufacturer of the ironing board.

The small ironing boards that are wall mounted tend to be slightly larger than the table top ironing boards, measuring between 35 and 39 inches in length, which is significantly shorter than a traditional sized ironing board of the same size.

Small ironing board covers

The same way that there are numerous ironing board covers for regular ironing boards, there is an equally large selection of ironing board covers for your smaller sized ironing board.

When it comes to changing your cover, the most important thing to look for is one that can be easily fitted to the board you currently have. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles that fit a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to fit.

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