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The Best Latex Pillows To Buy In 2022

The right pillow is essential for a good night’s sleep. If your pillows are flat, lifeless, and provide little support, you’ll most likely find yourself tossing and turning to get comfortable, wasting precious hours of sleep.

Latex pillows, which are naturally soft, dense, and supportive, may be the solution to all of your bedtime woes. But how do you know which latex pillow is best for you and your needs? With so many options, making the right choice can be overwhelming – especially if you’re already sleep deprived!

Fortunately, our in-depth latex pillow reviews are here to make finding your ideal pillow a reality. Continue reading to learn about our top picks and never have another bad night’s sleep again.

Best Latex Pillows To Buy In 2022

Silentnight Latex Core

Silentnight Latex Core Pillow
  • Provides firm support Ideal for side or back sleepers
  • Standard size pillow 70 x 45 cm
  • Cotton cover/latex core surrounded by hollowfibre filling
  • Wipe clean only
  • Guaranteed for 2 years

This hypoallergenic latex pillow has a soft, percale cotton cover and is ideal for allergy sufferers or those who dislike dust mites.

The latex core of this Silentnight pillow is surrounded by a cool hollow fibre filling. The cover has special air mesh walls that, combined with the breathable vents of the latex core, ensure that you stay cool while sleeping. It comes in standard pillow size, allowing you to use your own covers, and is a good choice for side and back sleepers due to its firm support.


Latex-cored hollowfibre filling
Cotton cover with crisp air-mesh walls is hypoallergenic.
Firmness in the middle
2-year warranty


It can only be cleaned with a sponge.
It could be firmer than advertised.
Flattens out over time

Relyon Superior Comfort

Relyon Superior Comfort Deep Breathable Latex Pillow with a Soft 100% Cotton, Removable Cover, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Superior Comfort Deep Latex pillow has a deep profile ideal for side sleepers
  • Made from 100% breathable latex for instant pressure relief with a soft 100% cotton, washable cover for extra comfort.
  • Dimensions - Width 68cm x height 42cm x depth 17cm (all sizes approx)
  • This is the old Dunlopillo Super Comfort which has now been rebranded as Relyon

Side sleepers will benefit greatly from a deep latex pillow. It has a high loft and medium-firm support to keep your head, neck, and spine aligned while sleeping.

The Superior Comfort Deep pillow is made of a single piece of 100% latex. It is naturally hypoallergenic and highly responsive to your sleeping movements. This Relyon pillow is ideal for side sleepers and provides advanced pressure relief by cradling your neck and head to prevent straining. After all, your pillow should alleviate pain rather than exacerbate it while you sleep.

The natural latex interior’s open cell structure allows for a breathable sleeping surface that resists heat retention. A zipper on a 100% cotton pillow cover increases the naturally durable properties of latex and can also be machine washed. If you do not sleep on your side, a slim version of this pillow is also available.

While we love this pillow, it may be too thick if you sleep on your back or stomach, and it may be too firm if you prefer a softer pillow. Finally, it may take up to 72 hours to completely expand.


Machine washable zip-off cover
Medium-firm support is ideal for side sleeping.
Structure made entirely of latex
Extremely responsive


It might be too thick to sleep on your back or stomach.
If you prefer a softer pillow, this one might be too firm.
It could take up to 72 hours to completely expand.

Baytion Natural

Baytion Latex Pillow, Latex Foam Pillow for Sleep with Storage Bag, Soft Pillow for Side Sleeper and Back Sleeper [100% Natural Latex] [Breathability][High Elasticity](60 * 40cm)
  • 【100% LATEX PILLOW】Latex Pillows made from the highest quality, Pure 100% Natural Latex. Offer a resilient supportive bouncy cradling effect that make them ideal for anyone suffering from head, neck, back or spinal pain as it can better help relieve pressure than other type of pillows.
  • 【BREATHABLE & COOLING】Open-cell technology enables enhanced air circulation for maximum breathability, which maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature from its design and contents. No hot flashes or heat like memory foam as it can prevent moisture build up by wicking away moisture.
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】Size 60*40*14cm. Ideal for side and back sleepers. It perfectly conforms to the natural curve of the neck with cervical spine, which can help to relieve neck pain, frozen shoulder, reduce snoring and insomnia.
  • 【COMFORTABLE SOFT】Our latex pillow emits natural frankincense.You don't have to worry about any chemical smell. Latex has an over-expected rebound ability that rebounds quickly after being pressed. When flipping the body, the latex responds quickly to changes in the body's sleeping position and immediately bounces back. You as soft and comfortable as sleeping in the clouds.
  • 【NATURE & ECO-FRIENDLY】Our latex is made from plant-based ingredients from sustainable and renewable resources and contain no memory foam, no synthetic latex or chemicals.

The Baytion Latex pillow is made entirely of natural latex, which is known for its antibacterial properties. It is appropriate for allergy sufferers as well as anyone looking for a comfortable pillow with good elasticity.

This pillow is made of moulded latex and provides excellent cervical support. The micro-performances throughout the pillow improve breathability, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep even when temperatures rise. It has a breathable inner fabric covering and a removable outer cover, so you can be sure this pillow will stay in good condition.

This pillow is made to last and is highly supportive while remaining soft and deformable. It comes with a travel bag to keep it safe for seasonal, guest, or travel use. Furthermore, because of its hypoallergenic properties, it will remain naturally free of dust and allergens, allowing you to breathe more easily while sleeping. Overall, this is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a firm pillow with a soft bounce that is also naturally dust mite free.

Because this pillow is smaller than standard-sized versions, your pillowcases may appear baggy. Furthermore, because it is vacuum packed for delivery, it will take a few days to fully expand and can be anywhere from 8-13 cm thick, making it less suitable if you prefer a thick pillow to snuggle into.


Latex that is entirely natural
Extra breathability is provided by microperforations.
Outer protective cover is removable.
It comes with a storage bag.


The thickness can vary greatly.
Standard cases may be too large and may take several days to expand.


NOFFA Soft Orthopedic Pillow, Ergonomic Latex Like Foam Pillow, Contour Cervical Pillow, Deep Sleep Bed Pillow for Neck Support - Washable Cover 60 x 38 cm
  • ( 1 ) 👑 Product Information: Size: 60 x 38 x 12/10 cm. Weight: 1.2 kg. The pillow core is made of latex like foam. It is very soft. The pillow may have a "Fresh Foam" odor, please keep it in a ventilated place for 5 days
  • ( 2 ) 👑 Zero Pressure Sleep: Latex like foam can reduce the pressure to the head, neck and back of the pillow, creating a relaxed sleeping environment and bringing deep sleep
  • ( 3 ) 👑 Ergonomic Design: The curvature of the pillow is designed with reference to the curvature of the cervical vertebrae, allowing the cervical vertebrae to stretch naturally. The 2 sides are designed to different heights, and there is always one side that suits your sleep habits
  • ( 4 ) 👑 Never harden: We use latex like foam (upgraded from memory foam), which is softer and more costed than memory foam. The memory foam will harden in cold weather, but the latex foam will not harden. (Note: latex like foam has no memory function)
  • ( 5 ) 👑 Product tips: The pillowcase is washable. The pillow core is non washable. The pillow is rolled up in the package. It will takes 4-48 hours to recover its original shape

This Noffa Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow is a popular choice for back and side sleepers looking for a soft, yet supportive pillow specially designed to relieve neck, head, and back pain. This pillow is ideal for anyone who does not prefer a firm or very high pillow.

Unlike memory foam pillows, this pillow is made of soft latex-like foam and will not deform over time. Its ergonomic shape cradles your head, reducing pressure points and allowing you to sleep better. This shape provides support where you need it most, without adding pressure to your neck and head pain.

Back sleepers will benefit from the lower 10cm side, while side sleepers will prefer the higher 12cm side. You can, however, select whichever option best suits your body and posture for the best night’s sleep. The plush cotton outer cover is machine washable for maximum hygiene and comfort.

To remove new foam pillow odours, your pillow may require a few days of ventilation before use. While it is larger than most foam pillows, it is still smaller than standard size models, and at 1.2kg, it may be too heavy to travel with.

Overall, it’s a popular soft cervical pillow that would be ideal regardless of how high you like your pillow.


Construction of soft latex-like foam
Two-height ergonomic design
Outer cover is machine washable.
supple but supportive
relieves pressure on the head and neck


Before use, it may be necessary to ventilate the area.
Quite heavy
less than standard size

Marcapiuma Soap Pair

Marcapiuma - Pair of Latex Pillows Model Soap - Ultra Breathable Perforated Latex Pillow Natural and Healthy Rest 100% Latex Foam Improves Neck Tension Made in Italy
  • Latex Pillows with special micro holes which improve breathability - Dust mite resistant and Hypoallergenic pillow
  • Pillow size: 16,5”x 28” height 4,7” - 42x72 cm height 12 cm - Extremely comfortable and odour-free
  • Soap Shape pillow: recommended for neck pain relief during sleep time. DO NOT WASH - DO NOT EXPOSE TO SUNLIGHT!
  • 100% COTTON Removable stretch Jersey Cover with zip - easily washable
  • Shipped in a cardboard box to ensure safe and hygienic transport - Oeko-Tex Certificate - 100% Made in Italy Marcapiuma

The Marcapiuma is our next favourite natural latex pillow. It has micro-holes for added breathability, making these pillows an excellent choice for a good night’s sleep all year.

These Marcapiuma pillows are not only made of natural latex, but they are also Oeko-Tex certified. This means that you can be confident that the pillows contain no harmful substances or emit any unpleasant odours. The protective covers are made of 100% cotton Jersey and are simple to clean; simply unzip the cases and throw them in the washing machine.

They are moderately firm and “soap-shaped,” making them one of the best pillows for you if you suffer from head and neck pain. Their non-deformable and ergonomic design provides additional support and relief to aching joints.


Micro-holes provide additional ventilation.
Pain relief ergonomic design
Removable 100% cotton covers that are Oeko-Tex certified
two-piece set


Standard pillows may be smaller.
Not very deep; some may find it too firm.

Noffa Soft Orthopaedic

NOFFA Bouncy Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow for Sleeping, Special Foam Deep Sleep Pillow, Bed Pillow for Side, Back, Stomach Sleepers, Removable and Washable Cover (Queen Size (70 * 38 cm))
  • ( 1 )【Product Information】Size: 70 x 38 x 12 cm. It is supportive and bouncy. The special foam has no memory function. The pillow may have a "Fresh Foam" odor, please keep it in a ventilated place for 5 days
  • ( 2 )【Zero Pressure Sleep】The special foam can reduce the pressure to the head, neck and back of the pillow, creating a relaxed sleeping environment and bringing deep sleep
  • ( 3 )【More Breathable】The special foam is more breathable than ordinary memory foam. It keeps your head dry while you sleep, and makes you feel refreshed when you wake up
  • ( 4 )【Never Harden】We use the special foam (upgraded from memory foam), which is softer and more costed than memory foam. The memory foam will harden in cold weather, but the special foam will not harden
  • ( 5 )【Product tips】The pillowcase is washable. The pillow core is non washable. The pillow is rolled up in the package. It will takes 4-48 hours to return to its original shape

If you want a soft, comfortable pillow with a lot of support, the Noffa Soft Orthopaedic pillow could be a good option. This queen-sized pillow is made of highly compressive foam and is designed to accommodate sleeping in any position. Side sleepers, on the other hand, will find it to be exceptionally well-suited to their needs.

The Noffa pillow is made of a solid piece of latex-like foam with a plush feel. It is lighter in weight and significantly more breathable than a traditional memory foam pillow. It will also not harden in colder temperatures like memory foam.

This latex-like pillow comes with a stylish kitted pillowcase cover as well as an internal zippered pillowcase. Both included pillowcases are machine washable and dryable to help keep your pillow sanitary and bacteria-free. Washing your pillow cases on a regular basis will also help to extend the life of your latex pillow.

Keep in mind that Noffa suggests airing out this pillow for about five days before using it to help dissipate the new foam odour. Furthermore, it may be too thick for some stomach sleepers and is not made entirely of natural materials, as are many latex products.


Feels light and airy.
Included is a soft pillowcase cover.
Excellent for side sleepers.
Excellent assistance
Latex-like foam, thick and solid


It is possible that it was not made entirely of natural materials.
It could take up to 5 days to air out.
Some stomach sleepers may find it too thick.

Sealy Posturepedic Optimal

Sealy Posturepedic Optimal Latex Pillow - Firm
  • 1 Sealy Posturepedic Optimal Latex pillow, standard size 74 x 48 cm
  • Full latex pillow that is responsive, flexible and provides even pressure distribution
  • Fully breathable to prevent overheating, keeping you cool throughout the night
  • Covered in a soft and comforting luxurious knitted polyester cover that is fully removable and machine washable to keep your pillow feeling fresh and clean
  • Provides firm support and is great for back sleepers

Sealy Posturepedic, a well-known sleep brand, brings you the Optimal latex pillow. This full latex pillow provides firm support and is an excellent choice for both back and stomach sleepers.

This pillow is made of a solid piece of aerated latex, which helps to release stagnant air and prevent overheating while sleeping. The Optimal pillow provides even pressure relief across its flexible surface. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, so it should not cause allergic reactions. While it is suitable for all sleeping positions, its thinner pillow structure makes it more suitable for smaller sleepers or stomach and back sleeping.

The Optimal latex pillow includes a removable, machine washable knitted polyester cover that zips off for easy cleaning. Although the cover is luxuriously soft, Sealy still recommends using a pillowcase on top to keep your pillow as clean and sanitary as possible. It also includes a two-year manufacturer warranty to support the overall product quality and craftsmanship.

Please keep in mind that this latex pillow may be too thin for some larger side sleepers and too firm for those who prefer a more malleable, soft pillow while sleeping. Furthermore, some people may discover that it has less contouring ability than they expected.


Support with a strong feeling
Sealy Posturepedic is a well-known sleep brand.
Ideal for back sleepers
To prevent overheating, aerated latex is used.
Manufacturer’s warranty of two years


It may not be suitable for larger side sleepers.
Some sleepers may find it too firm.
It could have less contouring than expected.

UUQ Kids 100% Natural

UUQ Kids Latex Pillow for Neck Support - Ergonomic Contour Toddler Pillow with Breathable Cover for Child Sweet Sleeping (3-10 Years)
  • ❤ LUXURIOUS 100% NATURAL FROM THAILAND: Latex, obtained from the sap of rubber trees, is called the "White Gold of Thailand". It is a superior rebounding material that is perfect for pillows as it promotes postural alignment while you sleep, and gently supports your head and neck for unbelievable comfort! And it bounces back to its original form after each night's rest.
  • ❤ ORTHOPEDIC LATEX PILLOW For CHILD: The contours of our cozy latex cushion helps prevent pressure points on child's head, allowing for healthy head development. And, its anti-roll shape and size, keeps your child in a safe comfortable position. Our comfy ergonomic design supports natural round head shape development.
  • ❤ BREATHABLE AND LOW ALLERGENIC: Consisting of millions of interconnecting air cells, latex is breathable - cool in summer and warm in winter. It promotes airflow and allows heat and moisture to escape for a more comfortable sleep. Also - being hypoallergenic and inherently antimicrobial, it is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers, and is resistant to dust mites and the growth of mould and mildew, providing a healthier sleep surface.
  • ❤ HYPOALLERGENIC PILLOW CASE: The skin-friendly pillowcase is removable and washable. It’s anti-mite/anti-bacterial/anti-mildew, and anti-wrinkle - and also reduces perspiration. A breathable surface lets air circulate to keep the pillow cool while you sleep.
  • ❤ GOOD GIFT IDEAL For CHILD: Your friends and family will appreciate this unique and thoughtful gift. Making great products is important to us. We want you to buy with confidence with our 90-day Money Back Guarantee and a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic pillow for your child, consider this UUQ model.

Apart from being resistant to dust mites, mould, and mildew, it also has a unique orthopaedic design that promotes healthy head shape development in children. This pillow’s ergonomic contours also help with spinal alignment and pressure relief. It is also highly breathable and comfortable, even in the summer, because it is made entirely of natural latex.

On the downside, the lower hump may be too high for some, causing discomfort. Additionally, some customers have reported missing pillow covers and instruction manuals upon delivery.

You can, however, try out this fantastic kiddie latex pillow with complete peace of mind thanks to its lifetime warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


Orthopaedic design at the low and high levels
Latex that is entirely natural
Beautiful washable cover
90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty on breathable and hypoallergenic materials


For some, the lower side may still be too high.
Covers and manuals may be missing.

How To Chose A Latex Pillow

Choosing the best latex pillow is a significant undertaking. Check out our guide below for a list of the key features to look for.

Natural Latex

Latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree. However, synthetic versions are available that are made from petrochemicals or a blend of natural latex and synthetic fillers.

We believe that purchasing a natural latex pillow is the best option because it reduces the risk of chemical exposure.

Natural latex is processed using one of two methods: Dunlop or Talalay.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main distinctions and their characteristics.

The Dunlop Method

The latex is stirred, moulded, and baked in this method. This results in a pillow with a naturally heavier base. Dunlop pillows are typically denser and more springy than Talalay pillows.

The Talalay Method

The latex is vacuum-packed, frozen, and then baked in this method. Talalay pillows are generally more bouncy than Dunlop pillows. While Talalay method pillows are frequently advertised as softer than Dunlop method pillows, either method can be used to create pillows of varying softness or firmness.


The vast majority of latex pillows are smaller than the standard 50 cm by 75 cm UK pillow size. Some are only a few centimetres narrower, while others are much smaller.

Before ordering new pillows, always double-check the dimensions to ensure that they are the correct size for your shoulders and bedding. Also, keep in mind that standard-sized pillowcases may not always comfortably fit high-profile models.

Protective Cover

The majority of latex pillows come with a protective cover. You should ideally look for a zipped cotton protective cover. Zips make it simple to remove and replace the cover, and cotton is natural, washable, and airy.

When you change your bedding, protective covers add an extra layer of comfort and ensure that your latex pillow is protected from sunlight.


Many latex pillows, as seen in this review, have ventilation holes for added breathability. This can be a particularly useful feature if you sleep hot or have trouble staying cool on hot summer nights.

While latex is naturally fresh and will not make you hot and sweaty like memory foam, models with micro holes can provide an extra element of air circulation, preventing heat buildup during hot spells.


Depending on your personal preferences and sleeping posture, you will most likely prefer a low, average, or high-profile pillow.

As previously stated, pay close attention to the dimensions. Your definition of low or high may not always correspond to the manufacturer’s measurements and descriptions. If your preferences change depending on your mood, some models have different heights for each side, giving you more flexibility and making them more suitable for a variety of sleeping postures.


Some latex pillows have a tapered edge that rises in the middle, similar to standard pillow shapes. Others take on a curved shape with rolled edges to provide more head and neck support while also relieving pain pressure.

However, if you suffer from neck pain, “soap-shaped” latex pillows may be the best option for you because they can help relieve discomfort. Their convex shape provides support without providing too much depth, which can result in spinal misalignment.


While latex pillows are generally more expensive than other types of pillows, their resilience and durability make them an excellent long-term investment. These latex pillows are the best choice for any sleeping style because they are comfortable and supportive, as well as naturally hypoallergenic and airy.

All of our latex pillow reviews are excellent choices for a better night’s sleep. Silentnight Latex Core, on the other hand, is our top pick for the best latex pillow on the market.

We like how they are both firm and soft at the same time. They also include a cotton cover for a breathable surface. It has a latex core surrounded by hollow fibre filling. Its medium profile is ideal for back and side sleepers and provides support where it is needed.

Latex Pillows FAQs

How long do latex pillows last for?

Between 2 to 4 years

Do latex pillows need washing?

To help maintain good hygiene, wash your natural latex pillows at least once a year or whenever you spill food or other substances on latex foam.

Do latex pillows soften over time?

Latex has a long structural life, so you can expect it to provide support for many years. Any product that is subjected to continuous load bearing will soften over time; however, foam pillows will lose their support significantly faster.

Can dust mites live in latex pillows?

Latex pillows are also dust mite resistant, making them an excellent choice for the approximately 20 million Americans who suffer from a dust mite allergy.
Latex is also antimicrobial and mould and mildew resistant

Do latex pillows get hot?

Latex pillows can help prevent overheating because, due to their cellular structure, latex stays naturally cool throughout the night and allows sleepers to breathe freely.
Even if the temperature in the room changes, your latex pillow will stay roughly the same temperature all night.

Are latex pillows good for neck pain?

The best pillow for neck and shoulder pain is firm enough to keep the head at a healthy angle while remaining soft enough to relieve pressure points.
Most sleepers find that a memory foam, latex, buckwheat, or feather pillow provides the best balance of support and pressure relief.

Are latex pillows good for allergies?

As with eczema and asthma, you’ll want to look for pillows that are resistant to dust mites and have a high level of breathability. Natural latex pillows, wool and cotton (all of which are naturally hypoallergenic), and anti-allergy hollowfibre are all good options.

Is latex safe to sleep on?

A natural latex mattress provides a healthy sleeping environment free of toxic fire retardants, petroleum-based foams, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Don’t be fooled by “eco-friendly” petroleum foams or blended latex foams; natural latex is the only natural foam available.

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