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The Best Moisture Meters – A Buyers Guide

Looking for the best moisture meter? Check out our guide below and you’ll be ready to make your choice.

Wet weather is, may we say, quite evenly dispersed throughout the year in the UK!!
As a result, there’s a considerable possibility you’ll run into damp issues at some time, whether it’s moist walls, damp firewood, damp flooring, or a damp motor.
Damp is caused by a buildup of moisture and can be exceedingly problematic if not addressed promptly, both in terms of material damage and health concerns.

A moisture metre (sometimes called a damp metre) is a hand-held instrument that employs sensors to measure moisture levels in materials including wood, plaster, and brick.
It correctly monitors any electrical resistance caused by moisture in a material and gives a moisture percentage reading as a result.

A moisture metre will do the following:

Determine the amount of moisture in a material.

Determine whether a structure or material is allowing water to enter.

Locate the cause of a leak or dampness.

A moisture metre can assist you figure out whether you need to intervene, dry, treat, or replace existing materials.

The best moisture metres will detect the presence of moisture in a substance and provide an accurate reading of the amount of moisture found.
When you consider the wide range of construction and maintenance scenarios in which moisture metres play an important role, the versatility of a moisture metre becomes clear: with one of the most important jobs of any measuring device, the conclusions a moisture metre draws can make or break construction sites, sink or sail boats, and scupper or save house sales!!!
A moisture metre may be a small piece of equipment, but it makes a big difference when it generates those readings!

Selecting the Most Appropriate Moisture Meter for You

Moisture metres come in a variety of brands and styles, so you’ll have to think carefully about which one is suitable for you.

What will you be measuring with your moisture metre?
Are you going to need a moisture metre that only detects moisture content?
Are you interested in taking humidity and temperature readings?

What kind of surfaces will you be using to take readings from?
Make sure the moisture metre you choose is capable of getting readings from the materials you’re going to examine.

Invasive versus non-invasive: You’ll need a moisture metre that utilises pads rather than pin needles if you want it to be non-invasive and leave no imprints on the surface it’s reading from.

Moisture metres are divided into two types.

Pins are used in the most common and affordable moisture metres.
Two metal needle-like pins are placed into the surface being examined in this sort of measuring equipment.
The metre calculates the percent moisture content sub-surface by measuring the resistance of electricity between the pins.

Non-invasive moisture metres, which use scanning technology to assess the presence of moisture, are an alternative to pin types.
A moisture reading can be obtained by positioning the sensor plate(s) flush with the surface being tested.

A moisture metre is a device that measures the amount of moisture in the air.

The best moisture metres are flexible pieces of equipment – the advantages of owning one and the benefits of utilising one are obvious, but if you’re still unsure if you need one…

Moisture metres are commonly used for the following purposes:

Domestic: A moisture metre is a useful tool to have on hand if you’re a homeowner.
It can be used to determine whether firewood is dry enough to burn, whether walls are dry enough to paper, whether flooring and carpet are suitable for installation, and whether engines are dry enough to start.

Professional: A good moisture metre is used by builders, surveyors, property developers, and civil engineers to detect the presence of water in structures, potential building materials, foundations, flooring, and timber.

When it comes to maintaining wooden constructions such as antique caravans, playhouses, boats, trailers, and sheds, a moisture metre is vital.
These types of outdoor-based wooden buildings are prone to leaking and, as a result, are frequently subjected to high levels of condensation and wet.
Because they’re also very expensive to buy, maintaining them is even more crucial. If you’re lucky enough to own any of the above, carefully consider investing in a moisture metre to help preserve the life and worth of your investment.

Why do you require a moisture metre?

There’s an old adage that “prevention is better than cure,” but there’s only so much preventing you can do in the UK when it comes to damp invasion!
Keeping damp at bay totally is a near-impossible effort; the real way to stop damp in its tracks is to act swiftly once it’s been spotted.

When it comes to preserving their homes from moisture build-up and the invasion of damp, all homeowners should be attentive.
Using a moisture metre to take regular measurements of the moisture levels in your walls, woodwork, and masonry will give you a decent indication of the chances of dealing with a damp problem in the future.
Early detection of moisture build-up is critical for resolving the issue before it causes severe harm or spreads too far.

You can also record the level of humidity in the air if you have a moisture metre that can also take condensation readings.

Sources of moisture

Rain penetration — leaking roofs, clogged or damaged gutters, and ill-fitting doors and windows can all serve as unwitting entrance points for unwelcome moisture.

Unwanted water leaks can be caused by damaged plumbing and leaking bathrooms, showers, and sinks.

If not properly treated and maintained, damp-proofed walls and floors might succumb to rising groundwater.

Moisture is produced in the air by cooking, drying clothing, growing plants, and just breathing!

Accessories for Moisture Meters

Probes There are a variety of probes available, ranging from basic standard and universal probes to ones designed for a specific application.
Deep Wall Probes allow you to monitor moisture in walls and other surfaces at a deeper level.

Pin Needles Replacement

In order to take moisture readings, some moisture metres use pins that penetrate surfaces.
In case of damage or if you want to get a second reading with a new set, it’s good having at least a set of replacement pin needles on hand.

Pads for Sensors

Sensor pads will be used to monitor moisture levels in non-invasive moisture metres (those without pins).
Replacement pads, like replacement pin needles, are useful in the event of damage or if you just want to retest a surface with new pads.

Pouch for carrying

Using a nylon cushioned or metallic moisture metre carry pouch, you may safely store and transport your moisture metre.
Additional protective padding, a zip for security and simple access, additional compartments, and integrated belt loops or carry handles are likely to be included.

The Best Moisture Meters To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
Brennenstuhl Moisture Detector MD (Moisture Meter for wood/walls/building material, with LCD Display) anthracite/yellow
  • Moisture Tester to determine the moisture of wood, walls or other materials, such as, e.g. concrete, crick, screed, plasterboard, wallpaper
  • Moisture Sensor with a measuring range of 5 -50% for wood, 1.5 - 33% for building material
  • Moisture Detector with practical hold function allows measuring even in hard to reach places
  • With automatic switch-off approx. 3 minutes after last use
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Moisture Detector MD with LCD Display in anthracite/yellow - in best brennenstuhl quality
Bestseller No. 2
XLUX Soil Moisture Meter, Plant Water Monitor, Hygrometer Sensor for Gardening, Farming, indoor and outdoor plants, No Batteries Required
  • Reliable and accurate: High quality sensing probe ensures accurate and instant testing results, matching for both indoor or outdoor use.
  • Easy to read: Large and clear dial, including ten scales, plug and read.
  • How to use: Simply insert the moisture meter into soil and you'll get the test result instantly. Help your plants grow healthy and strong.
  • Less damage: Single probe, less damage to the roots, doesn't dig up too much soil after test.
  • Important tips: 1. Do not use it to test very hard soil 2. Never use it to test water or other liquid. Designed for testing soil only. 3. After use, please wipe clean the probe.
SaleBestseller No. 3
AZUNO Wood Moisture Meter, Pin-Type Water Leak Detector with 8 Modes, Digital Moisture Tester Drywall and Wood, Backlit LCD Display with Audible Alert, Wood and Building Material Dampness Inspection
  • 【Measure Moisture Level, Spot Hidden Damage】Moisture meter is great tool for homeowners, woodworkers, floor installers and inspectors. Homeowners and Professionals rely on moisture meters to identify hidden problems, which would save potential expensive repairs.
  • 【Accurate Measures Remove the Guess Work】0.1% resolution with 2 distinguished modes, measure both Wood and Building/Synthetic material. Wood Mode comes with 8 calibrated scales, measure different wood types. You can use "Self-Testing" aid integrated on Protection Cap, make sure the device is accurately calibrated before use.
  • 【Smart Backlit Display & Engineered Function】Freeze the reading with "Hold" button, together with backlit display and audible alarm, measuring moisture in dark or tight space is convinient than ever. Integrated environment temperature in C°/F°, Smart backlit LCD display will auto off in 3 minutes to preserve battery.
  • 【Anti-slip and Ergonomic Design】The side of device is covered in anti-slip material in ergonomic shape, providing a comfort firm grip. The compact size and light weight allow moisture meter be easily carried-around in pocket.
  • 【Packed for Convenient】Moisture meter comes with a water resistant carry pouch. A "Wood Type Quick-Search Index Table" printed on back of the device, help adjust setup quick-and-easy.
Bestseller No. 4
Stanley 077030 Moisture Meter
  • Gives moisture reading based on electrical resistance across 2 pins
  • LCD screen with dual measurement bar graph
  • Measures moisture in wood from 6-44 Percent
  • Measures masonry (mortar, concrete, plaster) moisture from 0.2 - 2.0 Percent
  • Two detection pins (8mm length) to locate in material being tested
SaleBestseller No. 5
Wood Moisture Meter, Firewood Moisture Tester, Drywall Moisture Detector Professional Moisture Content Meter Lumber Tobacco Logs Concrete Floors Carpet Ceiling Building Material Hardwood
  • EASY TO READ --Large in a backlit LCD display for quick and easy viewing plus a hold button to freeze a reading, auto power off and a battery indicator.
  • AUDIBLE / VISUAL CONTENT ALERTS--Stick the stainless steel pins into the surface of what you are measuring to get a read-out. low, medium and high moisture content and green, yellow and red LED visual and beeing alerts.
  • INSERTED AUXILIARY LED --Moisture tester helps a lot with extra led when we are working in a darkness place.
  • SPARE PINS / SAVE MONEY -- This pin-type Moisture detector comes with an extra piece of pin help you save money in case of your pin has Snapped
  • WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO BUY --Offering a well-done after-sale service like for at least one year.
Bestseller No. 6
2 Packs Soil Moisture Meter, Plant Water Meter Moisture Meter for House Plants, Soil Tester Test Kit Soil Hygrometer Sensor for Garden Lawn Farm Indoor&Outdoor Use, No Battery Required (Black&Green)
  • Good Combination: 1pc green soil moisture meter and 1pc black soil moisture meter in one set, lightweight and enough to meet your needs, help you testing soil humidity easily and quickly, so that you can know when to water your plants accordingly
  • Gentle to Roots: Designed with single probe design, the moisture meter for house plants can keep roots intact and do not dig up to much soil after test, help your plants grow healthy, taking good care of your plants
  • How to Use: Just insert the probe tip into soil to the plant root level for several minutes, you can get the test result from the indicator pointer immediately. No Battery needed. Please wipe the soil moisture probe with a cloth after each use
  • Easy to Read: With the large dial and ten scales with different colors, red means dry, green means moist and blue means wet. Plug and read, responds quickly and provides easily readout
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use - With a 7" soil probe sensor, the soil hygrometer is suitable for garden, yard, farm, lawn plants, house plants, large potted plants etc. Please Do Not use it to test water and other liquid, and avoid very hard soil and stones
Bestseller No. 7
Dryzone Moisture Meter Detector – Damp Meter for Wood, Masonry and Other Building Materials
  • Dual-purpose Damp meter with easy-to-read backlit LCD display helps to identify damp quickly and accurately in Wood and Building Materials. Measuring range: Wood: 6%-60%, Building materials: 0-40%.
  • Building Materials Detection - Quick and Accurate way to find hidden water leaks or obtain moisture profiles needed to identify Rising damp, Penetrating damp, or condensation issues. Can be used by homeowners and professionals to identify hidden problems in walls or other structures. Includes handy guide to masonry moisture profiles.
  • Timber moisture detector - Professional device for measuring moisture in wood with 8 calibration scales to find the moisture content in many different types of wood. Great tool for firewood, flooring installers, lumber suppliers and timber used for projects to avoid cracks, splits, and warping.
  • User Friendly, Easy to use - Moisture level indicated by numeric display, scale, and audio alerts signaling moisture above 20%, in building materials and 15% for wood. Ergonomic design provides great hand feeling.
  • Packed with features - Automatic power-off after 3 minutes of inactivity. Hold function to freeze a reading. Lightweight 126g with batteries. Small size 15cm x 60cm. Accuracy: Wood ±2%. Triple A 2x batteries not included.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Protimeter Mini General Purpose Moisture Meter
  • Easy to use, precision moisture meter with built-in pin probes, designed for general purpose moisture measuring
  • Clear and simple colour-coded LED display
  • Display shows moisture content and classification, dry (green), borderline (yellow), or damp (red)
  • Includes calibration device for checking correct functionality of instrument
  • Supplied with extension pin probe, allowing use in awkward positions
Bestseller No. 9
Digital Wood Moisture Meter for Firewood, Handheld Wood Moisture Detector Tester Wood Meter for Leaks Damp Moisture Cement Mortar, Timber Lumber Water Content Detector with Backlight (Yellow)
  • 8 Material Type Selection: This moisture meter can be applied to measure different wood(0-88%), as well as other material like cement mortar(0%-8.6%), lime mortar(0%-9.9%), bricks(0%-16.5%) and karstenite (0-11.0%).
  • Multi-funtion: digital moisture meter with backlit and HD LCD screen clearly show readings. Data retention when pressing the “hold” button, maximum/ minimum value lock, low battery power icon display and auto/ manual power off
  • Double Protection: Wood moisture detector with pin cover and silicone outer casing, which can protect the probe from dust and damage as well as keep your hands from hurt.
  • Professional Moisture Detector perfect for woodworking, building construction,floor and attic slow leak detect as well as wooden floor, cabinets, plywood, paneling, cement mortar and so on.
  • Handheld Moisture meter: compact design and light-weight, 5.12 x 1.93 x 1.18" , 200g (7.0 oz), easy to operate and carry, comes with 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Bestseller No. 10
Wood Moisture Meter - Digital Moisture Detector Moisture Tester, Wood Humidity Tester Detector Damp Tester Dampness Meter for Wood Firewood Walls Timber Logs Floor(Silver)
  • ▲【ACCURATE & QUICK MEASURING】- FIND HIDDEN WATER LEAKS IN WALLS AND SURFACES. Designed with 2 high precision pins, penetrating into the test surface and quickly know the moisture level in your walls, give you an estimate of the potential for moisture growth throughout your home. The damp meter is the best way to identify the location of moisture buildup. NOTE:the Botanical name of RED OAK and WHITE OAK on the user manual list is “Quercus spp”, please switch to MODE “A” when testing!
  • ▲【PROFESSIONAL DEVICE FOR WOOD MEASURING】- 8 CALIBRATION SCALES, FIND OUT THE %MC OF MANY DIFFERENT WOOD TYPES. Our wood moisture detector is a great tool for manufacturers, flooring installers, inspectors, and lumber suppliers to quickly and easily scan the %MC (Moisture Content) in their wood products. You can quickly know the %MC is Low (5-12%), Medium (12-17%) or High (17-60%). Easily check %MC before purchasing or using expensive lumber and hardwoods and avoid cracks, splits, warping.
  • ▲【USER FRIENDLY, SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND】- EASY TO USE,BIG LED DISPLAY with BACKLIT,HOLD FUNCTION. Our Digital Moisture Detector designed with Large easy-to-read Backlit LED screen, and Hold key freezes readings. Moreover, it features Memory function, Max/Min moisture measurement, Temperature in C/F display and Automatic Power-off in 10 minutes without operation. This MULTI-FUNTIONAL moisture tester has sturdy, hand-friendly shape and rubber side grips let you take multiple measurements in comfort.
  • ▲【TWO MEASURING MODE】- DESIGNED WITH WOOD and BUILDING MATERIAL TO MEET ALL YOUR NEEDS. This damp tester is ideal to use in WOODWORKING, BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, AGRICULTURE RESTORATION and floor-laying. The moisture contents of wood products such as hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture, lumber, slats, beams, plywood, paneling, conglomerates, window frames, forestry wood, rolled products, building materials and more can be measured. A MUST HAVE DEVICE TO MAKE YOUR WORK EAISER.
  • ▲【WHY CHOOSE US】-Features LED display, wide measuring range(Wood: 6%-60%, Building materials: 0.2-2.9%), strong stainless steel pins, automatic shutdown function(10minutes) hold on function, Lightweight and easy carrying. By using This mositure meter for working, professionals can ensure that they have consistent results!

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