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How To Buy The Best Picture Hanging Tool

Looking to buy the best Picture Hanging Tool? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the correct one for your needs.

Our Buying Guide for The Best Picture Hanging Tools

Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, you’ll want to personalise the space with family photos, gorgeous artwork, and colourful accent pieces.
Trying to hang these items such that they don’t look crooked or out of place might be challenging.
Fortunately, all you’ll need to hang and level your photos is a picture hanging tool.
Most people can afford the tool, and when looking for the best one, you should look for a few key aspects.

Choose between a complete picture hanging tool kit and a simple hanging tool.
One horizontal ruler and two associated vertical rulers slide from left to right on the Crescent Creative Universal Picture Hanging Tool.
They will not only assist you in aligning your artwork, but they will also assist you in correctly spacing a bunch of images.

Choose a model made of a strong ABS material with four scratchproof pads to keep the tool from scuffing up your wall while you use it if you want a picture hanging tool with a little more to offer but is still simple to use.
A horizontal and vertical level, a non-slip handle, and three-level hooks are common features of this equipment.

If you don’t already have a stock of hardware in your garage, look for a picture hanging tool that includes accessories.
Steel wires, D-rings, sawtooth hangers, nails, and a storage container are included in certain sets, which can support up to 50 pounds.
All of those identical accessories, plus many more, are included in the AURIDA Picture Hanging Kit, 222-Piece.
It comes with 100-pound capacity hooks and a pencil to mark the wall, for example.
A complementary tiny claw hammer is included with your purchase of other picture hanging accessories.

Tips and Advice on Using the Picture Hanging Tool

Try to hang your images at eye level while hanging them.
The ideal height is between 57 and 60 inches off the ground.

Place the picture frame on the tool’s hook first when using your picture hanging tool.
After that, place the photo where you want it with the help of the provided level and ruler to ensure precision.
Once you’re confident that’s where you want the portrait to go, press the button on the image hanging tool to mark the area.
Remove the tool and hammer a nail or other mounting device into the wall where you created the mark.
Place the picture on the nail and make sure it’s level with the tool once again.

Before drilling a hole in your wall to hang a picture, fold a sticky note in half and lay it under the mark.
As you drill, the folded note will capture all of the plaster, making cleanup a breeze.

Always double-check that the hardware you’re using is appropriate for the weight of your image.
For lightweight photographs, a tiny hook will suffice; but, for heavy portraits, a metal wire system is required.

Some image hanging tools have little bits that could be choking hazards for small children.
Keep the tool and its accessories out of reach of tiny children, and monitor older children who wish to assist with installation.

Fortunately, picture hanging equipment are not prohibitively expensive.
Some models are slightly more expensive simply because they come with a variety of extras, such as a storage container and hanging hardware.

The Best Picture Hanging Tool To Buy

Bestseller No. 1
Picture Hanging Tool for Easy Making Position, Built- in 2 Levels, Picture Frame Wall Hangers Kit for Clocks/Mirrors/Galleries/Artworks/Photos
  • 【Precise Position】 The Starlife Picture Hanging Tool is designed to mark exactly where the nail goes, visually hang wall art for perfect placement in seconds. Without measuring, making it quick and easy to decorate your walls like a pro
  • 【Easy to Use】 First, place the picture frame on the hook. Second, find the correct spot on the wall, and press the button where the nail goes. Final, hammer the nail in, then hang and level it, all is ok
  • 【Built in Levels】 The built- in vertical and horizontal levels help ensure your pictures are hanging straight, it saves walls by preventing unnecessary holes and scratches with back rubber cushions
  • 【Heavy Duty】 The picture hanger kit is made from premium ABS materials, well-polished, no sharp edges, safe to use. Maximum weight 10 lbs on single hook, 20 lbs on double hooks
  • 【Wide Application】 Single and double hook system works with most picture hanging hardware, including picture wire, hooks, D-rings, keyholes, clocks and mirrors. Can be used for wedding, anniversary, birthday party
Bestseller No. 2
Saker Picture Hanging Tool Kit, Multi-Purpose Hanging Kit, Easy Frame One Step Hanging Tool for Photo Frames, Mirrors, Clocks, Artwork, Wall Coverings (Saker Hanging & Leveling Tool +85 PCS Hardware)
  • Unique Design: Accurately hang saw-tooth or wire picture frames with zero measurings. A unique positioning system accurately marks your nail holes so you hang accurately and perfectly marked on the wall where the nails need to be placed.
  • Hanging: This marker (button) system can be accurately and perfectly marked on the wall where the nails need to be placed.
  • Easy Operated: It's easy to use, saves time, walls & frustration, hanging a picture for perfect placement in seconds.
  • Package: Included HARDWARE CASE comes with everything you need to hang your pictures with room to store even more.
  • Extendable: Press the middle movable button, you can hang a long picture.
Bestseller No. 3
Picture Hanging Tool 35 * 9 * 5mm Easy Wall Hanging Tools, Photo Hanging Level Ruler, Multi Tool for Photo Frames, Mirrors, Clocks, Artwork, Wall Coverings
  • Made of high-quality ABS material. New technology polishing, no sharp edges, safe use, exquisite workmanship, and long service life.
  • Easy to use: start → just put the picture frame or other objects on the hook → find the correct position on the wall → press the button to mark the position of the nail → nail the nail → then hang and level it → all is good.
  • The built-in spirit level ensures that you are always vertical and accurately mark the position of your nails, making hanging groups and galleries a breeze.
  • The picture hanging tool has a built-in level to ensure that you can intuitively hang the art you want every time without measuring.
  • This set of picture hanging tools is very suitable for hanging pictures, picture frames, mirrors, clocks, plates and degrees. The level gauge can also be used alone to accurately measure other things, such as TV cabinets, switch sockets on the wall, kitchen and bathroom accessories.
Bestseller No. 4
Picture Hanging Tool Kit, Preciva Picture Hanger Wall Hanging Kit with Level Easy Frame and 220 Pcs Assorted Hanging Hooks Hardware with Hooks, Nails, Hanging Wire, D Ring, Triangular Ring, etc.
  • 【Wide Applications】: The picture hanging tool kit can be used to hang photos, frames, mirrors, clocks, and other objects. The picture hanging level tool can also be used to judge whether other objects remain level.
  • 【Perfect Picture Hanging Tool Kit】: Containing 220PCS accessories, +1 picture hanging level tool. 220 Piece Kit of Hooks, Nails, Screws, Picture Hangers, D-Rings, Sawtooth, Eye-screw and Steel Wires. This kit brings you more convenience to position something each time you want to hanging in on walls.
  • 【High Strength Hooks】: Made of hardened steel core with high strength, the hooks are rated at 10lb.,20lb., 30lb., 50lb. and 100lbs., which is rich and varied, enough for your decoration demand.
  • 【Picture Hanging Level Tool】: Made of high quality ABS materials and new polishing technology, no sharp edges, it is more safe and comfortable to use. The pad at the back protects the surface well from scraches. The horizonal and vertical bulit-in bubbles help ensure your art is not inclined and mark exactly on the wall where the nails should be placed, no need to measure.
  • 【More efficient and More Enjoyable】: Picture Hanging used to be a Time-Cousuming and Tiring job, but this hanger tool kit makes it quick and easy. Enjoy your home Decoration time from now on!
Bestseller No. 5
Takker Hardwall Picture Frame Hanging Tool Kit - Hangs Up to 12kgs - for Plaster Brick Ceramic Tiles Wood and Plasterboard - for Pictures Canvas Clocks Decorations Kitchen Utensils and Tools
  • HANG UP EVERYTHING IS A SECOND - Hanging your picture on the wall securely so it doesn't fall can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tool that is why we have designed this all-in-one wall hanging kit that is perfect for any situation. NO OTHER TOOLS REQUIRED!
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE – It’s impossible to do it wrong because you’ll hang every picture right THE FIRST TIME YOU TRY IT! Our lightweight manual tool requires no batteries or recharging and hand creates a small 3mm wide into any hard wall surface like concrete brick plaster wood and even ceramic tiles exactly at 90 degrees
  • NO MORE DAMAGED WALLS & FINGERS – Why use electric drills screwdrivers screws wall plugs and hammers that are making a lot of damage to your wall when now you can hang your favourite pictures exactly where you want without making any mess around thanks to this easy frame hanger machine and saves time cleaning.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WALL KIT HANGING SOLUTION - Fast and easy way to hand your pictures frames mirrors clocks plates or even you can use it for hanging switch sockets on the wall kitchen and bathroom accessories that are up to 12Kgs/27lbs
  • HANGING KIT – It doesn’t matter how bad you are at DIY because this is the most universal all-in-one hang tool on the market that will help you to hang your wall art with only one tool so anyone can use it. It includes 1 Hardwall Takker 48 Takks 4 Picture Hooks 4 Canvas Print Hanger 2 Medium Multi-Purpose Hooks 2 Small Multi-Purpose Hooks
Bestseller No. 6
Picture Hanging Tool Kit Picture Leveling Tool, Hooks Frame Hanging Hardware Picture Hanging Wall Kit with Leveling Tool for Photo Frames Mirrors Clocks Artwork Wall Coverings
  • 【Easy to Use】: The amount of hanging paintings is complicated and the work is complicated. The painting tool kit solves this problem very well. Quickly assist in hanging pictures.
  • 【Specially Designed】: No need to measure, it can be accurately positioned. Make the hanging paintings flat and not tilted. Very suitable for home or photo gallery
  • 【Instructions】:Clamp the photo frame on the horizontal picture-hanging tool, and install the hook on the picture-hanging level at the same time. Can be accurately hung on the wall without tilting.
  • 【Adjustable】: You can lengthen the painting tool according to the size of the frame. Can hang long pictures.
  • 【Accessories】: Contains the tools needed for painting, and is equipped with instructions for use, without professional guidance.
SaleBestseller No. 7
VEAMOR All-in-One Picture Hanging Kit - with Calibration Function and Picture Hanging Tool to Hang it Perfect -Hardware Case +105 Pcs Hanging Hardware-Zero Measurement with The Hanging Tool Kit.
  • ✅ Effortless Picture Hanging: If you are looking for an easy way to hang your pictures on the wall without doing too many measurements, this professional picture hanging hardware set is exactly what you need! It doesn’t require any measurements, extra tools or effort, making the installation a breeze.
  • 🌟All-in-One Design: Our picture hanger tool features a multifunctional design that allows you to install a wide variety of picture frames using various types of nails and screws. It can work with hanging strings, d-rings, double-hole hooks, and more.
  • ✅Practical and Versatile: With our wall hanging kit, installing your favorite portraits and artwork is effortless, regardless of the frame size and shape. The tool has a calibration function for accurate measurements and an extendable design so you can hang even large frames with ease.
  • 👍Easy to Use: This simple and efficient wall hanging tool has an intuitive design that can measure, level, and pinpoint with high accuracy the exact spots where you need to place the nails, without requiring extra tools, a drawing pencil, or a ruler.
  • Complete Set: Our picture hanging set contains all the hardware and accessories needed to measure and install the picture frame. The kit includes the picture hanging tool with a protective case, removable level, hooks, nails, D-rings, and hanging wire.
Bestseller No. 8
AW9 Picture Hanging Kit - Includes Picture Hanging Level Tool and Stubby Hammer, 220 Piece Wall Hanging Accessories with Picture Hanging Wire and Heavy Duty Hooks.
  • HANG FAST AND ACCURATE - This Picture Hanging Kit with vertical & horizontal inbuilt level ensures your pictures are straight. This marking (button) system enables you to mark exactly on the wall for the nail position. Picture hanging used to be a time consuming and complicated, but this hanging tool makes it quick and easy.
  • ALL IN ONE PICTURE HANGING TOOLS - Includes one hardware box with 22O piece accessories + one red picture hanging level tool with one stubby hammer. This picture hanging kit saves time trying to locate everything you need each time you want to hang something on the wall.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF USES - Perfect for Hanging Pictures, mirrors, clocks and more. Our heavy duty picture hanger hooks hold from 10lb to 75lbs. They are matched perfectly with the nails in the box, making it easy to hang pictures of different sizes on the wall.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Lightweight hanging tool accompanied with 220pc accessories set to suit a variety of frames and also gives you the ability to create the attachment on the back of the frame. The heavy duty stubby hammer completes the kit to make it the ideal set for anyone of any ability to use.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - This Picture Hanging Kit is a perfect house warming, birthday or Father's Day gift. This will be the go-to kit for anyone who wants to decorate their walls like a professional. We guarantee the owner of this kit will look forward to all their future decoration projects.
Bestseller No. 9
Vivuzono 221 Pcs Picture Hanging Kit Level Tool Hardware Hanging Strong Claw Hook Nail Screw Canvas Degree DIY Wall Hanging House Gift Office
  • Vivuzono Picture Hanging Kit includes everything you need to hang pictures on the wall. Ideal For mirror, Photos, Sceneries, Canvas, Degrees, Diplomas or anything you want. You can use it it office or home for perfect hanging
  • Kit includes various size of hangers and nails for security of your hanging. Please match the size with the hanging lbs for safe outcome.
  • Use the level tool to mark the position of the hanging. Place the hanging on the level tool hook, Place it on the wall where you wish to install, Click the button on the level tool and metal pin will mark the position where you can install the hook .
  • Vivuzono tools will help you save time and efforts in decoration of your favorite place. You all tools and leave the frustration behind of measuring, leveling, and drilling the wrong wholes on the wall.
  • We aim for full customer satisfaction. If you do not like this kit for any reason we got your back! We give you 100 days full refund guarantee.
Bestseller No. 10
DRT The Complete Picture Hanging Kit (223 pcs) Pencil, Mini Spirit Level, Hammer, Wall Hanging Kit with Picture Hanging Tool, Picture Hooks, Picture Nails, Picture Hanging Wire, Frame Hanging Set.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: With 2-Way Leveling Tool, 223pc photo / mirror hanging hardware and Mini Hammer, you get to hang 80+ pictures between 10lbs-100lbs without running out of hooks, nails, or wire, AND without damaging your walls from pencil smudges and misplaced holes! It’s Straight Up simple!
  • RIGHT FIRST TIME: The Straight-Up Leveler Tool marks accurately where your NAIL will go without struggling to find a pencil, or create mistake holes in your wall. And it’s simple to use! Hang your picture frame on the level tool hook (or double hook for heavy frames) and press the button to mark the spot.
  • KIT INCLUDES: (1) Bubble Level Wall Hanging Tool for accurate nail or wire placement and horizontal/vertical alignment. (73) picture hanging hooks, (3) 100lb Heavy Duty Hooks (1) 10ft Picture Wire (122) Assorted Nails and Small Screws, (14) Sawtooth Picture Hangers (10) Eye Hooks (1) Hammer,.
  • GREAT HOUSEWARMING GIFTS: New house essentials ALWAYS includes picture hanging hardware because no one can resist the lure of a blank wall to immediately arrange diplomas, painting art, mirrors or a favorite canvas. So the Straight-Up Picture Hanger Kit makes perfect sense for house warming presents!

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