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The Best Portable Dog Fences For Camping

Taking your dog camping with you requires the use of one of the best portable dog fences in order to keep them safe. Camping is enjoyable, and going with your dog makes it even more enjoyable. What is the most effective way to keep your furry friend contained through fencing? The best portable dog fence for camping not only keeps your dog safe while you’re away from home, but it also ensures that the entire camping experience is as enjoyable as possible for you and your dog. Read our portable dog fence reviews to learn more about the best portable dog fence for camping available on the market today.

The Best Portable Dog Fences To Buy For Camping

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Fence

Yaheetech 16 Panel Pet Dog Playpen Puppy Exercise Pen Cat Rabbit Fence 100cm High Black
  • High Quality Material: this puppy playpen cage is made of strong and high quality Iron material, sturdy and durable to use, which ensures safe and long-term use
  • Safe & Secure: latch on the door can keep your pets safe in the exercise pen. Rounded edges protect animals from injury, which also prevents causing damage to the floors.
  • Decent Size: 100cm tall panel is ideal for small animals like puppies, rabbits, bunny, piggies, guinea pigs, ducks, small non active dogs to play in; perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Convenient To Store: this playpen can be disassembled into a flat and compact size for easy storing when not in use. Flat packing size is also convenient to transport.
  • Easy To Apply: modular fence is easy to set up within a few minutes under the detailed instructions. No tools required. Panels are connected by metal bars, which allows this dog playpen to be flexibly built in different shapes like octagon, square and rectangle in different sizes by adding or removing panels.

With its heavy-duty construction, the Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Fence is everything a dog owner could ask for in a kennel. The fact that it is lightweight and portable despite its sturdy construction makes it ideal for travelling.

The 16-panel design makes it easier to set up the pen in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your dog, including round, rectangular, and octagonal configurations. You won’t have any trouble customising the fence to fit your campsite, even if it has an unusual configuration.

While the iron construction provides protection against destructive chewing, the rounded edges make everything safer for the dog and make it easier to secure the fence in place. Additionally, the design makes it simple to fold the fence flat when it needs to be moved, and it comes with a carrying strap to make moving the fence even easier.

A hinged door makes it easier to enter and exit the pen, and it also helps to keep other animals out of your dog’s territory. The fact that no tools are required for setup makes it simple to put up and take down the fence as needed.

Keep this pen in mind if you’re looking for something that will allow you to be as flexible as possible during your camping trip. If you have a smaller dog, the pen will be a perfect fit for their requirements.

LOOBANI Pet Playpen Mesh Fabric Top Cover

LOOBANI Pet Playpen Mesh Fabric Top Cover, Provide Shaded Areas for Pets and Protect from UV/Rain, Fits 24 Inch Play Pen with 8 Panel
  • PET PLAYPEN COVER SIZE - Top cover accessory for a pet playpen, Suitable for pet pen with 4 panels, each panel is approximately 35 to 36 inches wide.(NOTE: PEN not included!!!)
  • PROVIDE PROTECTION FOR PETS - Mesh Fabric design allows fresh air to circulate and produces partial shadows in the sun. Make pets feel comfortable when used outdoors.
  • REDUCE CHAOS IN THE LIFE OF THE DOG OWNER - You love your dog, but that doesnt mean you trust him. From jumping on couches to scuffing up floors and licking plates clean, its hard to keep pets under control.When you work and don't have time to supervise your dog, the pen cover gives your pet a safe playable area. Avoid accidents, no confusion.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Pet playpens with mesh fabric top covers, such as the LOOBANI Pet Playpen Mesh Fabric Top Cover, are ideal for small dogs and puppies. The use of a locking, latch-door access system helps to keep your dog from escaping while confined.

The enclosure provides eight square feet of space once it has been set up. Your small dog should feel safe and secure in this enclosure, and they should be able to see enough to keep them entertained.

The moulded PP plastic that is used to construct the panels helps to ensure maximum durability, which is especially important when dealing with determined chewers. The use of full-length rods makes it simple to securely interlock the panels with minimal effort.

These pens have the advantage of being able to be expanded by connecting additional panels, providing your dog with a larger area to explore. These additional panels are simple to install and are ideal for situations where you have multiple dogs or where your dog requires a little more space to roam.

Jespet Soft-Sided Dog & Cat Playpen

Jespet 61 Blue Color Dog/Cat/Rabbit/Puppy Pet Playpen 30 Height Soft Sided Playpen Exercise Tent Fence Cage Crate by Jespet
  • Puppy Playpen Approximate Dimensions: 61"(Diameter) x 30" (Height). Please Measure your Pets before purchase. All dimensions are measured manually, please allow deviation of 1 inch.
  • Large Roomy: 2 zippered doors for convenient out and in, zippered mesh cover and 8 mesh windows provide plenty of ventilation. 2 side storage to store leash, treats, poop bags. 1 mesh pocket to store water bottle
  • Superior Design: 8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corner. Removable zippered top can be easily removed for indoor and outdoor. Zippered door provides easy in/out access for your pets.
  • Material: Made of durable 600D Oxford fabric and mesh panels, water resistant materials, easy to clean up and comfortable for pets.
  • Portable & Lightweight:Great for Indoor and Outdoor use. Lightweight, yet strong makes this ideal for traveling, camping with convenient carrying case.

In addition to serving as one of the most affordable best portable dog fence for camping options available, the Jespet Soft-Sided Dog & Cat Playpen also provides convenient confinement during your outdoor adventures. There are two sizes available, both of which will comfortably accommodate smaller dogs without any issues.

The material is extremely durable, which allows you to feel confident in its ability to protect your dog. The playpen’s shape is maintained thanks to a zip-off base and an 8-panel design.

Insects will not bother your dog while he is looking out of the mesh windows at what is going on outside. Additionally, the mesh material contributes to the provision of a small amount of additional shade.

Due to the fact that the playpen’s bottom is attached to the rest of the fence system, your dog will have a clean, comfortable surface to sit or lie on. The floor also serves as a barrier against ants and rough terrain, both of which can be uncomfortable to walk on.

When you need to move the playpen to a different location, you can fold it completely flat. When you have a carrying bag, it is much easier to transport the pen and to store the fence once you have returned home from your trip.

Yaheetech 8 Panel Metal Dog Pen

Yaheetech Heavy Duty 6 Panel Dog Pen Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence Black 80cm High
  • 6 Panels: each panel: 31.5 x 31.5’’ /80 x 80 cm (WxH)
  • This playpen is not only suitable for dogs, this playpen also suitable for small animals like rabbit duck cat.
  • 6 panel design allows for multiple shapes to meet your needs, such as the shape of rectangle, square or octagon.
  • The powder-coated metal frame features a smooth surface and good rust-resistance.
  • Open playpen can let the pets calm and feel safe because they can still know what is going on around.

This dog playpen was, without a doubt, the most impressive of the lot. It’s extremely durable, and it will easily contain larger dogs without causing them any problems. It’s also now particularly heavy, making it ideal for travelling with pets.

The sides of the pen are also fairly slim, which makes it easy to pack up and transport in the car. It can also be used as a fence panel to block an open entrance if that is what you are looking to accomplish.

If you have the space, you can join more than one dog playpen together to create a large area for your dog to play in. This will, of course, take up more space in your car, but if you have the space, joining two together creates a super comfortable space for your dog to play in. In addition, their bed could easily be accommodated in the space for when they require some rest.

The pen comes with its own set of stakes, allowing you to anchor it to the ground if necessary. You won’t need any tools to put it together, making it a quick and simple project. This is without a doubt our favourite dog fence!

COZY PET Heavy Duty Puppy Playpen

The smaller size of this portable dog fence reflects the fact that it is intended for puppies. The floor is extremely comfortable for puppies, and any accidents can be cleaned up quickly and easily. Also, the floor tray isn’t fixed, so you can leave the pen with a dirt or grass floor if you’re going to be outside, or you can bring the tray in and a blanket or bed for your pup if it’s cooler outside.

You can put this up and take it down and store it, but you may need two pairs of hands to do so because it’s a little fiddly in some places. However, as a safe haven for your puppy while you’re outside, this is an excellent option.

Portable Dog Fence Buying Guide

The best portable dog fence for camping will vary depending on your dog, but all portable dog fences share certain characteristics regardless of the brand or style. While these fences are not a substitute for time spent on a leash during your trip with a pair of sturdy dog hiking boots, selecting fencing that is appropriate for a dog’s needs will make the journey more enjoyable for both of you.


The overall size of the pen, when fully assembled, is one of the factors to consider. Multiple panels are included in many of the best portable dog fences for camping, and these panels can be assembled in a variety of configurations to achieve the best results.

The height of the fence is another factor to consider when choosing a suitable one for your dog. If the fence is too short, your dog will be able to easily jump over it and get out of the yard. Consider whether your dog has a proclivity to jump or climb over the fence as part of your planning.


The gate or door that the fence provides will be necessary unless you have a small dog that can be lifted over the fence on its own. In many cases, the entrance will be too narrow for you to enter with your dog in tow. Consider getting the dog used to using the gate or door before you go camping with him or her.

Build Quality

The materials from which the fence is constructed are also important considerations when selecting the best portable dog fence for camping. Many people consider durability to be the most important feature, even if it means purchasing a fence that is more difficult to transport. A plastic construction fence is a better option for those who value portability over anything else.

Will It Be Acceptable to Your Dog?

The final consideration is whether or not your dog digs or objects to being confined. Digging can be discouraged with the use of a fence or enclosure with a floor. It is beneficial to have a fence that allows your dog to see what is going on if your dog does not like being confined.

The Advantages of Bringing a Portable Dog Fence When Camping

A number of factors contribute to the recommendation of the best portable dog fence for camping options for this purpose, one of which is dogs’ natural desire to be with other dogs.

A better alternative to boarding your dog or leaving him with a sitter while you are away is to take him camping with you instead of leaving him at home. Your camping trip with your dog will be safer and more successful if you bring one of these fences along with you. Allow them to have enough space to move around in the campsite while still keeping their toys, collapsible dog bowl, and dog food travel containers safe and easily accessible.

Regardless of whether you are staying in a tent or an RV, one of these fences will make your dog’s experience much more enjoyable. They will be able to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment without the risk of running amok. Additionally, fences allow for greater freedom of movement than a tie-out or dog camping crate, while also preventing the occurrence of accidents that are common with this type of confinement.

Because most camping areas have a large amount of wildlife, a fence can help prevent your dog from becoming involved in conflicts with it. It is possible for wild animals to carry diseases that are harmful to dogs, and they can inflict serious injury on dogs when they are protecting their young. Restricting access to your dog’s territory with a fence can prevent a variety of issues.
Precautions Should Be Taken When Using Portable Dog Fences

Before putting up your fence, make sure it is free of signs of wear and tear. Without this, you may not be able to detect a hole or weak spot in the fence before your dog manages to get through.

Additionally, make certain that your dog is always under supervision. Dogs attempting to jump over, climb over, or otherwise get through a fence may become entangled, resulting in serious injury to themselves and others. Always keep an eye on your dog, especially during mealtimes, to ensure that they do not climb over and steal a steak off the camping grill.

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