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The Best Portable Dog Showers

The task of cleaning your dog after going for a muddy walk should no longer be something you dread doing. Portable dog showers and cleaning accessories that are as effective as they are convenient have been compiled to make cleaning your dog quicker and easier than ever. No matter if you need to wash them down before loading them back into the car or welcoming them back into your home, you’ll find the right dog shower for you here to keep your dog clean and mud free!

Mud Daddy Portable Pet Washing Device

Mud Daddy Portable Pet Washing Device | Muddy Walks | Pet Cleaning | Grooming | 5 Litre - Green
  • ✔ MUD REMOVER: Perfect solution for removing fresh mud or dirt from surfaces; pressure washer suitable for cleaning paws, hooves, boots, bikes, wellies, tyres and more.
  • ✔ MULTI PURPOSE: Wash dogs paws before they get in the car; scrub football boots when the children come back from the field; clean bicycle tyres before wheeling into the house; whatever the mud you wish to remove Mud Daddy is the only tool you need.
  • ✔ ECO-FRIENDLY: Uses 90% less water than a hose pipe; uses 80% less water than a jet wash, environmentally friendly option.
  • ✔ PORTABLE: Practical portable device; compact in design, ideal for taking in the car for dog walks, camping or festivals with heavy duty hose and built-in sprayer brush.
  • ✔ EASY USE: Simply fill with hot or cold water, add shampoo or cleaning fluid as you desire, pump the handle and the water will flow, use the handy brush attachment to scrub away the dirt.

Mud Daddy have created a line of the best portable and compact portable dog showers available on the market today! Their specially designed dog showers pump water from a water tank up to a brush shower head, making it quick and easy to clean your canine companion. In order to function, it pumps the leaver that is built into the bottle cap, which builds up the combined water and air pressure, which is then released by pressing on the trigger on the shower head. The Mud Daddy is an excellent solution for dogs who frequently go on muddy walks because it is quick and simple to use and can be used multiple times before needing to be re-filled with water. This is one of our favourite portable dog showers that you can buy online because it is reasonably priced.

Mud Daddy Ozzi Portable Mud Washing Brush

Hozelock PortaShower Portable Dog Shower

Hozelock 4140A0000 PortaShower, 610.0 mm*60.0 mm*170.0 mm
  • Multi purpose pressure sprayer for outdoor leisure and gardening needs
  • 7 Litre bottle size, maximum fill 5 Litre
  • Compact design means it is easy to store
  • Comes with shower spray head & carry strap
  • Can be used in areas with water restrictions

Among dog owners with muddy canines, the Hozelock Portashower is the most popular and reliable option. Amazon’s choice product, the large 7-liter capacity bottle has a compact design that makes it simple to use and store. It is also recognised as an Amazon’s choice product. The portable dog shower is equipped with a spray head, a carry strap, and a flow control handle that can be locked on or off. Join the more than 3000 satisfied customers who have given this portable dog shower a fantastic 4.6/5 star rating on Amazon.com! The best mud daddy alternative, in our opinion, is this one – and it’s almost half the price, too!

Freshower 7L Portable Dog Shower

Epocaspa Freshower 7 8311.S00 - Plastic Portable Shower, 7L, Transparent, Green and Black
  • Made of plastic
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Has 7000 ml capacity
  • Ideal for those who live in direct contact with nature
  • Safety valve at 3 bar for depressurizing automatically and manually

The Epoca Freshower portable shower is ideal for those who have large dogs or who have to deal with muddy dogs on a regular basis, as it is extremely portable. This portable shower, with its 7-litre capacity and high-pressure pump, is ideal for use over and over again without the need to keep refilling. The Epoca Freshower is a compact, lightweight device that is simple to operate and comes with a convenient shoulder strap.

DeLavo 5L Portable Outdoor Shower

DeLavo Portable Bidet and Outdoor Shower
  • The ideal portable solution to toilet hygiene.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities and pursuits
  • Powerful bidet spray head
  • 5 Liter capacity
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 18cm x 42cm.

The DeLavo 5L Portable Outdoor Shower is the most straightforward, yet highly effective, solution on the market. The shower operates on an air pressure system, which means that after a few pumps of the handle, you’ll be able to use both of your hands to assist in showering your dog. Featuring a large 5L capacity, this self-contained shower is simple to fill, transport, and use repeatedly. Not only is this one of the most affordable showers on the market, but it is also one of the most highly rated as well!

Portable Dog Showers Buyers’ Guide

Hopefully, one of the high-quality options on our list will meet your requirements for a mobile dog wash, but what are the considerations you should make before purchasing your portable dog shower?


Because the portability of your chosen outdoor dog washing arrangements will vary depending on where and when you want to wash your dogs, you should consider this when making your selection.

If you primarily wash your dogs in your back garden after they return from a walk but before they enter the house, portability will be less of an issue for you than it will be for someone else.

But if you want to wash your dogs before you put them in the car to drive them back home, your unit must be small enough to fit easily and safely in your vehicle.

Always keep in mind that, unless you are walking your dogs in an area where there is a water tap available to you, you may need to fill the water tank before you leave home, which means you’ll need a closed, watertight tank.

You should look for models with shoulder straps if you plan on using any of these units to water your garden or to use them literally ‘on the go.’ Smaller models are preferable if you want to reduce the strain on your back and shoulders by carrying your unit around with you.

In exchange for the fact that you will have to refill it more frequently

Ease Of Use

There is no ‘difficulty’ in using any of the models mentioned above; however, some feedback suggests that without a trigger or a ‘on/off’ lock, you may need three hands to operate the device.

In order to properly wash your dog, consider whether you would prefer to be able to control the water supply from the shower head or whether a constant flow of water would be more convenient for you.

The majority of these units require manual pumping, and some of them require self-assembly as well.

While none of this poses a problem for the average, reasonably fit, and healthy person, if you have difficulty moving your hands or lifting your arms, you may require assistance assembling the shower and would prefer a battery-powered model that does not require manual pumping to save time.


Because plastic is an insulator, any hot water you put in the plastic water tanks will lose its heat more slowly, but it will still lose heat in the process.

In order to determine whether or not the water tank will still be warm when you return to your car after your walk, you must first fill it before going for a walk.

This, of course, is dependent on how far you’re driving and how long you’re going to be walking. The only way to figure this out will most likely be through trial and error.

Despite the fact that none of the models we’ve shown here have actual insulation, many satisfied customers have found a safe and comfortable way to achieve this goal by wrapping a towel around the unit for extra insulation, with the added bonus of being able to towel dry their dogs as well.

High level of water pressure

Face it, if you’re expecting any of these dog wash stations to provide you with water pressure comparable to that of a “power shower,” you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Once you accept that fact, you will find that these outdoor shower kits will provide adequate water pressure if they are manually pumped to the proper internal pressure by an experienced user.

Please refer to our list above for more information on water pressure and whether you can be bothered to manually pump your shower or would prefer a higher-performance battery-powered pump with greater efficiency.

Water consumption

When it comes to water consumption, all of the units deliver fairly good results overall.

Several of them use significantly less water than hosepipes or standard pressure washers, but look for on/off controls, as a constant flow of water may result in water waste while you wash your dog.

Consider the size of the tank you will most likely require as well. We have included a number of different size choices in our list.

A large capacity may result in the overfilling of the tank with water that is not required. A good wash for a medium/large dog should take approximately 10-15 pints of water to complete.

If your dog is smaller or less dirty, you may want to consider purchasing a smaller unit or putting less water in the tank.

Attachments and accessories

A basic shower head is included with every portable dog shower on our list, which may be sufficient for you and your canine companion.

A specific brush for loosening dirt from your dog’s coat, paws, and pads is included with only one of them; the other does not. One of them also comes with three different attachments, a carry bag, and a hook for hanging it on the wall.

The only person who understands the importance of having a complete set of accessories when planning an outdoor dog wash station is you. If portability is important, it may be best to keep things simple.

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