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The Best Retractable Washing Line To Buy – Updated 2022

Even if you have a tumble dryer at home, you should avoid using it because it is costly, harmful to your clothes, and harmful to the environment. Basically, you want to air dry your clothes if at all possible, but this isn’t always possible. You might not want to give up any of your outside space to a washing line, or you might only be able to air dry clothing indoors.

Retractable washing lines are a good example of this. When you need them, they’re there, and when you don’t, they’re tucked away out of sight and out of mind.

The most crucial criteria when purchasing the best retractable washing line is undoubtedly strength. The last thing you want is to come home to a full laundry line with clothing strewn across the floor, knowing that everything needs to be washed again! You should also consider capacity, which is governed by the line’s length. Some models even have the ability to adjust to some extent, making them ideal for oddly shaped spaces.

The Best Retractable Washing Line To Buy

Vileda Cordomatic Washing Line

Vileda Cordomatic Washing Line - Single
  • Vileda Cordomatic Washing Line
  • Single
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • 15 metre washing line for use indoors and out.

As I discovered, there’s a lot to appreciate about this Vileda washing line, from the high-quality ABS plastic to the remarkable 15-meter line and simple installation (which I teach you how to do below). The line can be locked at any length and retracts without tangling into its housing. This equipment is waterproof and may be used in both dry and wet circumstances. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but we chose to install it outside to put it to the test. The line is red in colour to make it easier to see and to lessen the danger of injury if someone runs to a taut line. Because this line is affordable, you can purchase multiples if you have a large family and require additional drying space.

Minky Retractable Duo Reel Washing Line

Minky Retractable Duo Reel Washing Line, Grey
  • Easy to use retractable outdoor washing line
  • Stows neatly away when not in use
  • Double line - each with 15 m length
  • Fully retractable with UV stable protective casing
  • Clips off bracket for winter storage, includes all wall fixings needed

This Minky retractable washing line comes with two 15-meter clothing lines, making it ideal for large families. You have the option of using a single line or both lines at the same time; just keep in mind that you can hang up to 25kg of weight. When the lines are not in use, the housing unit is fairly compact and neat. The washing lines are comprised of sturdy metal wires that have been coated with a PVC coating to increase their endurance. It also ensures that no stretching occurs, which may lead to sagging after extended usage, and the entire unit has been UV-treated to avoid sun damage. Because it can be closed at any length, this line is ideal for balconies, small gardens, patios, and restrooms. The innovative extension bracket, which can be mounted to practically any surface and easily disconnected afterwards, makes installation simple. When winding up the line, automatic retraction prevents tangling. Overall, if you require a twin line alternative, this is a cost-effective washing line that may be used in a variety of ways.

Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing Line with Protective Metal Case Box Cover

Brabantia - WallFix - 24 Metres of Clothes Line - UV-Resistant & Non-Slip Lining - Foldable Rotary Dryer - Easy to install - with Storage Box - Metallic Grey - 184 x 182 cm
  • Now you see your rotary dryer, now you don’t! The Brabantia WallFix Dryer is neatly tucked away when not in use. But fold it out singlehandedly and it can take on two machine loads of laundry
  • The Wallfix dryer has lots of space, with the 24 metres of clothes line there is room for two full machine loads. Big pieces too, the outer lines are 120 cm long. Hang it to your ideal working height
  • This space saver is easy to install with clear step-by-step instructions, solid wall fixings and drilling template enclosed. You can also Safely hide it in a stylish, easy open Protective Storage Box
  • Good for the planet too - energy saving and supporting WeForest with planting more trees
  • Problem-free use - 5 year Brabantia guarantee and service

The Brabantia WallFix Wall-Mounted Retractable Washing Line stands true to the Brabantia WallFix Wall-Mounted Retractable Washing Line’s reputation for providing high-quality goods. This is a modern, wall-mounted line that works well in any setting. The ease with which it opens and folds for storage is the first thing you notice. Simply stretch it and hang your laundry with its convenient grip. When you’re finished, push the grip down to compact it.

It’s simple to set up and may be used indoors or outdoors, however the latter is preferable to get the most out of the 24 metres. The installation instructions are simple, and a template for putting the fasteners is included, which will come in handy. This wall-mounted retractable line has a load capacity of 20kg and is made of sturdy materials, making it a long-lasting washing line.

The casing is composed of stainless steel, a rust-resistant material that assures the washing line can survive severe rains and freezing temperatures. This retractable washing line is far more expensive than most other types, but it is also dependable and quite durable, with a 10-year warranty indicating that it will survive for many years.


Ideal for gardens, patios, and balconies, its wall-mounted, fold-away style is ideal.

Single-handed operation — Folds out to provide you with 24 metres of washing line.

A whole machine washing load, even large clothes, may be handled by the powerful retractable line.

One-touch button opens and closes the case, which is made of stainless steel.

For complete piece of mind, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Look no farther than this Brabantia washing line for a heavy-duty retractable washing line with a large capacity and the ability to fold away. We are very enamoured with the unique design.

Artmoon Long Retractable Outdoor Washing Clothes Line 12m

art moon 699799 Long Washing Line Retractable Clothes Line Outdoor, Heavy Duty, Extending 12m, Rustproof Steel, Plastic
  • Easy to use: convenient retractable outdoor clothes washing line, stows neatly away when not in use
  • Perfect outdoor drying solution: 12m long
  • Unit moves freely from side to side: it can be stored against wall and could be fastened at convenient angle, rotating 180°, UV stable retractable housing
  • Strong and durable: fixation on chosen length with automatic retractable mechanism
  • Dowels, screws and hook to fix on the opposite side of the yard included. Fitting instruction on the back of the box

The Artmoon Long Retractable Outdoor Washing Clothes Line is designed for outdoor drying, but it may also be utilised for tiny indoor spaces, as the name suggests. This has a decent 12m long line, which is sufficient for normal loads of laundry, but it is not an option for a large family who does laundry frequently.

The screws, dowels, and fixture hook that are included make setup a breeze. Simply secure the housing to brickwork (or any other solid building), then retract the line and connect it to another strong structure on the other end. This type has an amazing feature: once the main housing is installed, it can flex to various angles up to 180 degrees, allowing for a varied installation, especially in awkward-shaped gardens where typical clotheslines can be difficult to accommodate.


A single washing line with a drying space of 12 metres.

Flexible use with an adjustable housing unit that rotates up to 180 degrees.

Automatic retraction mechanism that can be set to the length you want.

All necessary fasteners are included in the package.

A sturdy laundry line that can handle big loads.

Casing is UV resistant and durable.

Because the retractable mechanism is automatic, you must be cautious when untying the line. Simply don’t drop the line because the retraction is quite fast and could damage the device or cause it to become twisted. Because the casing is UV-protected, you can anticipate this device to survive longer outside without displaying signs of wear. This 12m washing line is simple to set up and has automatic mechanics, so it can handle a lot more than most people imagine.

Casa Bella Washing Line

Another wonderful washing line that won’t break the bank is the Casa Bella Washing, which comes in single and double lines. As previously said, you can pick between a single or double line, each of which provides 15 metres of drying space. Both clotheslines on the double line have their own locking mechanisms, so you can use one or both at the same time.

The washing line unit is wall-mountable and includes durable fixing hooks, allowing you to relax while your clothes dry. It’s a fully retractable line that fits neatly into a waterproof case. It’s important to note that the retraction mechanism is automatic; while this allows for rapid rewinding into the case, it also necessitates caution. Maintain control of the line all the way down to the wire. There’s also an end cap on the line that fits snugly into the housing.

The casing’s cool feature is that it slides freely from side to side, giving you more options for where you can connect it and allowing it to be kept neatly against any surface. Unlike some of the other heavier washing line casings, this design can save significant storage space.


Each line has its own locking mechanism and is available as a single or double 15m line.

For flexible fastening, the small case glides freely from side to side.

It can be left outside in any weather because the case is waterproof.

The rapid rewind into the housing is made possible by the automatic retractable mechanism.

Setup is made simple with the included full fastening kit and instructions.

Finally, this washing line performs exactly what it claims, however a few customers have reported that the lines curve in the middle when a big load is applied, which is typical of most clotheslines. Aside from that, this is a small, inexpensive, and long-lasting model that may be placed outside all year.

Retractable Washing Line Buyer’s Guide

Use in the outdoors vs. indoors

Both outdoor and indoor retractable washing lines are available.

Outdoor lines are typically longer and are perfect for those who do not want a permanent washing line in their backyard. Because the line and casing will be exposed to the elements when used outdoors, consider their durability. You’ll also want a sturdy material that won’t droop or break with the weight of damp clothes, which can add up to a significant amount of weight.

The most durable lines are comprised of a metal core with a PVC coating. These are robust enough to prevent sagging, and the material is rust-resistant. When these lines are stretched, their nature makes them teachable. Cheap nylon or rope should be avoided since they can break over time when exposed to too much weight on the laundry line.

Indoor washing lines, on the other hand, are perfect for hanging laundry in a limited space and are ideal for students and those who live in small flats.


The enclosure for the washing line should be rust-proof, and the better models will have sturdy metal brackets and mounting hardware. Rust resistance is a must not just for outdoor usage but also for internal use, such as in a bathroom, where steam can slowly corrode the components. While metal fasteners will keep the line firmly in place, we found that sturdy, waterproof plastic is typically a superior choice for the housing.

Is it better to have a single line, a double line, or a multi-line?

Personal preferences play a role in this decision. On a wash day, a family of five with children will definitely want a larger line to accommodate all of their items. It is also determined by the amount of area available in your yard or balcony. If you have a 30m wide place to hang from, a laundry line will suffice. If you only have a 10m wide hanging area, you can acquire a retractable line with many cords or simply a single line if that’s all you need.

Choosing a retractable clothesline

When it comes to choosing a retractable garment line, strength is definitely the most significant factor to consider. You want to leave with the assurance that your laundry will still be on the clothesline rather than on the ground when you return. After that, capacity should most likely be considered.

Finally, you should choose which retractable clothesline is suitable for you. The term “retractable clothesline” has been broadened to encompass wall-mounted rotational washing lines and foldable (concertina-style) washing lines. Our reasoning is that they both provide the same critical function and can be really useful if you just have one available wall.

Choosing a location for a retractable laundry line and installing it

Even if they are only intended for outdoor usage, most retractable washing lines may be used both indoors and outside. Some retractable washing lines, on the other hand, are exclusively suited for indoor usage and will be labelled as such.

In any instance, you’ll need a load-bearing wall to support the retractable washing line’s main section. If you’re using a typical retractable washing line, you’ll also need another wall to hook the extending end to, and if the retractable washing line is meant to support a lot of weight, this should be a load-bearing wall. You should try to avoid having your retractable washing line cross a path if at all possible.

After you’ve identified a suitable wall (or two), you’ll need to figure out what height your retractable washing line should be. The sweet spot is defined as a point that is low enough to be easily reached yet high enough to keep long goods (such as bedding) off the ground.

Following that, you must secure your retractable washing line to the main wall. Although it’s unlikely to be a disaster if you install your retractable washing line at an angle, you might wish to use a spirit level (app) for this. Before drilling the main holes, you should absolutely drill pilot holes.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for the next steps, which will vary depending on the type of retractable washing line you’re using. However, there is one thing that all retractable washing lines (and anything else mounted to a wall) have in common: you must double-check that the fixings you have are appropriate for the surface. If you want to drive a screw or hook into brick or concrete, for example, you’ll almost probably need to start with a Rawl plug.

If you’re installing a retractable washing line indoors, the obvious location is over a bath, but this isn’t the only option, which is fortunate given the number of modern apartments with only showers! Bathrooms are still wonderful drying spots because they have hard floors, but you can set a retractable washing line anyplace in your home if the ground underneath is carpeted; simply lay some clothing down before hanging up your clothes.

Installing your retractable washing line near a radiator will allow you to take use of the heat and thus reduce drying time, but it will also increase humidity, so you’ll need a window nearby. In fact, if you have to choose between putting your retractable washing line near a radiator and putting it near a window, we’d suggest the window.

Using your retractable clothesline to its full potential

Aim to wash “little and often” so that you may give your garments plenty of room and allow air to circulate freely between them. Even if you’re renting, you should consider replacing your ordinary light fixture with one that includes an integrated ceiling fan. These are commonly accessible, inexpensive, and simple to install.

A good washing machine should remove a lot of water from garments during the end-of-wash spin, but if yours doesn’t and you can’t persuade your landlord to change it (or you don’t have the money to update it), you’ll have to help it out. Many washing machines feature a spin-only setting, so if you’re doing a full load, split it in half and run the spin cycle twice. You could try wringing out your garments by hand as a last resort.

Hang your clothes in a well-ventilated area. We know we’ve said it before, but it’s impossible to overestimate its significance. It will not only speed up the drying process, but it will also prevent mould from growing on your clothes or on your walls. Invest in a dehumidifier if you need to try on garments in a room with poor airflow, such as in the winter.

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