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The Best Shoes For Zumba – Updated 2022

When you hear a beat, do your hips begin to swivel with it? If so, give Zumba a try; it’s a dance-inspired exercise programme that was born out of ingenuity. The popular exercise programme, which was created in the 1990s, uses soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and hip-hop music to motivate people to get moving.

In addition to providing a total-body aerobic-cardiovascular workout, Zumba not only strengthens your legs and core, but it also improves your agility and flexibility. If you want to participate in this high-impact activity, you don’t need to be a dancer; all you need are two feet (even two wrong ones!) and a desire to rock out to music with a strong beat.

In order to get the most out of your Zumba workout, you’ll want to wear high-quality, comfortable shoes that are designed to handle a variety of movements such as turns, lunges, hops, weight shifts, kicks, squats, rapid direction changes, and other variations of these movements. A good pair of shoes will assist you in maintaining proper form, resulting in maximum benefits and the least amount of injury.

The Best Shoes To Buy For Zumba

Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge

NIKE Women's Superrep Surge Running Shoe, Blackened Blue/Cyber-RED Plum, 3.5 UK
  • Nice design
  • Optimal fit
  • Maximum traction
  • Maximum comfort
  • Brand: Nike

Running, sprinting, lifting weights, and almost any other athletic endeavour you can think of are made possible by Nike’s shoes, which are unsurpassed. In addition, they provide excellent support and relief to people who suffer from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and sore joints, among other conditions. Is there, however, a shoe specifically designed for Zumba? They most certainly do, and they have two entries on our list, including the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge, which took the top spot on our list.

For your Zumba class or any other High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style workout that you’re interested in, Nike makes a great shoe that you can wear. As with all of Nike’s shoes, this one is no exception.

It’s a brand-new shoe from Nike, designed with a slew of cutting-edge features and targeted specifically at people who want a shoe for endurance classes and workouts. This means that, in addition to serving as a stable foundation for your Zumba workouts, it can also be used in a more general gym setting and will stand up to rowing machines, strength training, and any type of HIIT classes you might try.

The rubber tread on the outsole of this shoe for Zumba is one of the most important characteristics of the shoe. This provides you with superior traction, ensuring that your foot does not slip out from under you when you push off the ground. When it comes to Zumba, lack of traction is one of the most common reasons for twisted ankles. This is because the dance style requires a great deal of sharp movements and puts the tread of your shoe to the test. This traction is also important not only for the prevention of injury, but also for the improvement of your Zumba performance. The traction on your shoes will affect the quality of all of your moves, and some of your energy will be wasted rather than being focused on actually moving your body where you are trying to move it if your shoes do not have good traction.

In terms of comfort, the Surge offers a smooth front fit, a mesh upper, and enough room for your toes to wiggle around comfortably. It has been our experience that these run fairly true to size, so you shouldn’t have to make any adjustments. In any case, there’s a good chance that you’ve previously owned a pair of Nike shoes, and the sizing on these will be consistent with that of the Nike brand.


The pivot point is located under the front foot, which makes it ideal for making quick changes of direction.
The Nike side arc provides excellent support and helps to brace your foot.
There are numerous colour options to suit your taste!
Especially recommended for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis.
In addition to Zumba, this shoe can be worn to the gym or for high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
Extremely light and supportive at the same time
Because of the responsive sole, this is an excellent jumping shoe.

Ryka Influence Women’s Training Shoe

Ryka Women's Influence Cross Trainer, Black/Atomic Pink/Royal Blue/Forge Grey, UK 5
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse support layers
  • Traction outsole with footprint design
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

The Ryka Influence has a fantastic level of traction control on the outsole, which allows for improved stability in grip when making rapid movements, according to our testing. This is critical when doing Zumba because it allows you to avoid slipping and falling.

In terms of comfort, these shoes have a smooth front fit that allows your toes to wiggle around a little bit more than most. Despite this, they maintain a snug and tight fit in the back, while providing ample heel and ankle support. However, in order to stay true to your size, it may be necessary to go up a half size. This, however, is dependent on how you intend to wear them. The majority of people will fall in love with these shoes right away, right out of the box.

These Ryka Zumba shoes can be used for a variety of different types of training that are not related to Zumba. This includes activities such as jumping, dancing, and other forms of physical activity.


These shoes are extremely light and thin in comparison to other options (but have minimal arch support)
The padding in these shoes is unbelievably comfortable.
The high level of shock absorption results in exceptionally high levels of comfort.
It says “Zumba” more than many of the other shoes we tested that were a little more mainstream in their appearance.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2

The upper of the SuperRep 2 is made of mesh, which is both elastic and extremely breathable. It was designed specifically for studio workouts such as Zumba and pilates, and Nike refers to it as an HIIT Class shoe (high intensity interval training). Don’t plan on wearing these on your next hike because they are highly specialised shoes for Zumba and high intensity interval training (HIIT). This pair of workout shoes has a split sole, which is common in dance shoes but not as common in workout shoes. This split sole provides increased flexibility, as well as more comfortable movements in situations where the foot will be pivoting on the shoe.

It is considered “bootie-style” because the upper is constructed in a manner similar to that of a sock, which contributes to the overall minimalist design as well as the overall comfort. More comfortable Zumba shoes cannot be found anywhere else, and this is one of them. There is mesh ribbing on the upper of the shoe, which helps to provide better forefoot support.

The presence of two powerful Air Zoom units in the sole of the SuperRep 2 is the most noticeable feature of the shoe, and it jumps out at you right away. You can use these for Zumba or any other workout that requires a lot of jumping and springing motions. During the compression process, they absorb your energy and then send it right back into your foot, launching you forward to the next step or jump. One feature that is less obvious, but equally important for energy transfer, is a full-length plate that distributes the energy of impacts and aids in stabilising your entire foot during impact.


The upper is made of breathable mesh that allows air to flow through it, keeping your foot cool.
An incredible amount of comfort is provided by the bootie style construction.
To absorb impacts and launch your next jump, two Air Zoom units are used.
Enhanced durability and traction are provided by a rubber outsole.

Zumba Air Classic

Zumba Air Classic Athletic Gym Workout Sneakers Dance Fitness Shoes for Women, Silver Metallic, 5
  • MAX SUPPORT WORKOUT SHOES: These low-top suede fabric Zumba footwear for women feature a high rebound PU, removable insole with lightly padded tongue collar for comfort; Zumba women shoes have molded EVA midsole and non-slip outsole for stability and perfect grip
  • APPLICATIONS: Bring some flare to your fitness classes, workouts, sports and athleisure activities; these versatile Zumba dance shoes can be worn as trail shoes ladies, walking shoes, fashionable sneakers, dancing shoes, fitness shoes or as casual ladies shoes
  • HOW TO WEAR IT: Mix and match these Zumba shoes women with your favorite gym bag, mesh top, leggings or any athletic tees; get matching workout clothes - sports bra, fitness top, womens athletic tops, zumba tops for women uk to complete a best workout outfit
  • STYLISH VARIATION: These women sneakers show a bold display of fashion; choose from exciting solid color shoes, black shoes, metallic or vivid pattern designs for any occasion - zumba, training workouts, gym, casual, walking or other sports activities
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you're not satisfied with these dance athletic womens shoes, we will give you a full refund OR post a question here and we will follow up to make sure your shopping experience is amazing; visit Your Orders to initiate a refund

When it comes to impact protection, Zumba Air technology was used in the development of these shoes. Additionally, they have a breathable mesh upper and compression-molded EVA midsoles for a better fit and a more lightweight cushioning experience overall. When it comes down to it, these shoes are extremely comfortable and allow the feet to properly breathe while exercising.

Aside from that, the breathable mesh upper provided by the Zumba Air Classic aids in the elimination and wicking away of excess sweat, as well as the odours that accumulate as a result of this sweat over time. Many people have had positive experiences with these Zumba shoes because they provide ample support as well as high levels of comfort, which is unusual for a shoe that is solely intended for dance. They are also reasonably priced.

Some people have complained that these Zumba shoes are a little large, and that they make their feet appear a little bulky. If, on the other hand, you are more concerned with comfort than with delicate designs, the Zumba Air Classic is a great choice.


The leather used in the construction of these shoes is of the highest quality.
An impressive amount of snugness is provided by the compression-molded EVA midsole.
When dancing, the use of air technology provides excellent impact protection.
A rubber sole provides grip while also retaining slipperiness to allow pivots to be performed.

Bloch Alcyone Dance Shoe

Bloch Women's Alcyone Cross Trainer, Beige, 3.5 UK
  • Seamless Knit Upper: The soft, seamless knit upper of the Alcyone allows your foot to move and breathe, while providing targeted areas the support your foot requires. This sneaker will give you endless comfort through your studio routine or on the street.
  • Advanced Hybrid Midsole: The Alcyone’s hybrid midsole design features a supportive arch bridge that reinforces correct body alignment. The super-soft phylon midsole makes you feel like you’re dancing on clouds while the rubber outsole gives you great traction for the street.
  • Reinforced Lacing System: The reinforced eyelets and internal reinforcement work together to provide precision support and dynamic flexibility for a secure and unrestricted fit.
  • Intelligent Cushioning System: Embedded impact protection foam in the heel, coupled with the hybrid-cushioned insole, gives your feet the best protection possible. You and your feet work hard enough, let the Alcyone do some work for you.
  • Sizing: Choose between normal street shoe size to 1/2 size up.

There is an impressive amount of flexibility in these shoes, and they provide more than adequate arch support. This is due in part to the dynamic midfoot stretchable mesh that is used to construct the shoes’ outer shell. High levels of breathability are provided by the mesh uppers of these shoes. Additionally, the contoured and removable sock liners allow wearers to fine-tune the fit of their shoes as needed, while also adding to their overall comfort.

The Bloch Alcyone is also extremely lightweight, which is a plus (some of the lightest that we tested). They also have a non-marking outsole, which makes it much easier to turn, spin, and pivot during Zumba workouts than with traditional shoes. The Alcyone is also extremely long-lasting, thanks to its construction of mesh and a combination of soft-action leather.

These are a great deal for the money in terms of price. Because of their reasonable price point, they are a great draw, especially when combined with the durability and other benefits and features available. This shoe will improve your performance during Zumba workouts, preventing you from suffering an injury and allowing you to get the most out of your workouts overall.

The design allows for manoeuvrability while also providing support and protection.
Rubber outsoles that do not leave marks on dance floor surfaces are ideal.
The breathability, flexibility, and comfort of this garment are exceptional.
The use of a removable sock liner ensures that you will always be comfortable.
With these Zumba shoes, durability is a strong point of differentiation.
Those who have fallen arches or who suffer from plantar fasciitis will benefit from extensive arch support.

Ryka Devotion XT Mid Top

RYKA Women's Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer, Black/Grey/White, 4.5 UK
  • Gradient fade on breathable mesh with heel and midfoot webbing lock down systems.
  • Lightweight molded EVA features a full length RE-ZORB drop -in. External RE-ZORB LITE pod network between midsole and outsole.
  • Eight Piece radiused skeletal rubber works simultaneously with the RE-ZORB LITE midsole and pivot point + flex grooves under the ball of the foot.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

In addition to being an excellent option for Zumba, the Ryka Devotion XT Mid Top Zumba shoe also has a unique design that distinguishes it from the standard low-top Zumba shoe that can be found in almost all other models. They are made of a combination of breathable mesh and other synthetic materials, and they are an excellent choice for everyone. The Ryka shoe benefits from this by being more durable and lighter in weight overall, as well as having significantly better ventilation when participating in Zumba or other dance-based exercise routines.

The Ryka Devotion also has a solid rubber outsole, which is one of its many incredible features. These Zumba shoes don’t wear out as quickly as some of their competitors. Their pivoting design, which allows owners to pivot quickly and on the spot, as well as slide across the ground with ease, is another advantage of these scooters. If you want to do Zumba properly, you must meet all of these requirements.

These shoes also feature a precise return footbed, which is extremely convenient for users. The result is that they are extremely comfortable to wear while also providing an extremely snug overall fit. The combination of Velcro and lace also contributes to the snug fit, as it helps to keep the feet in place inside the shoe far better than competing Zumba shoes that do not include both Velcro and lace.

Its material composition, which is made up of Flex Foil and Direct Fuse, provides adequate arch support and cushioning. These help to keep the shoe flexible while also providing a secure fit and making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Despite the fact that they are neither the most expensive nor the least expensive shoes on our list of the best Zumba shoes, these options offer a robust feature set for the price. And, thanks to an impressive build quality that includes synthetic materials as well as mesh, Velcro and lace, and other features, these shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality Zumba shoe at an affordable price point.


These shoes allow for a simple and quick pivoting motion.
Because they are so breathable and lightweight, they are ideal for summer.
The Rykas are exceptionally adaptable.
When compared to alternatives, the level of comfort is higher.
The style and design are quite appealing, and the snugger fits ensure that there is no slippage.

Reebok HIIT 2 Training Shoes

In the world of exercise and workout shoes, Reebok has long been considered a leader, particularly in the realm of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, which Zuma shares many characteristics with. When it comes to their newest flagship product, the HIIT 2 Training Shoes, they are dancing into the Zumba craze in a way that is comfortable, stylish, and completely customizable.

As soon as you put on the Reebok HIIT 2, one of the first things you will notice is the amount of material that has been placed in the sole, both over and under the foot. Several Zumba and dance shoes are being produced with the goal of being “minimalist.” These shoes, on the other hand, have a fairly thick sole in comparison. Aside from that, where the original HIIT Training Shoe had a noticeably tight area over its arch, the second version of the shoe has had that area dialled back for a more comfortable fit as well.

The HIIT 2’s uppers are both comfortable and soft, with a mesh sock-like fit that is similar in nature to the HIIT 1. When combined with a straightforward and simple design, this material provides long-lasting durability and strong support. It was important in previous HIIT models to have a very tight fit across the midfoot because this allowed the foot to “lock down” while performing dynamic movements. Although it worked well for some people, it was far too restrictive for the majority of them. Reebok eliminated this feature in favour of a more straightforward lacing system approach for the second version.

For the best shoes for Zumba, these shoes provide more cushioning than any of the others we tested, with the exception of the Kawana from Hoka (which is further down the list). This made them particularly well suited for turning and spinning. Despite the ample cushioning, one disadvantage of these shoes is that they do not provide the arch support that you would expect from a shoe of this nature.

When it comes to intensity, the HIIT 2 is at one end of the spectrum. This is unusual for shoes designed specifically for dancers, who frequently have narrower feet due to their training. As a result of the generous cushioning, we believe that Reebok designed these specifically for people who are heavier and have lower arches. If, on the other hand, your feet are significantly narrower, we recommend a different option.

This was one of the lightest shoes we tested, thanks to the use of mesh as the upper material.
The removal of the overly tight mid-upper from the original HIIT Training Shoe resulted in a significant improvement in comfort.
These shoes are extremely thick and wide, and they provide a great deal of cushioning.

Things to Look For When Buying Zumba Shoes

Shoes for Zumba are generally not prohibitively expensive. However, you don’t want to waste your money on something that isn’t going to meet your specific requirements. A few things should be kept an eye out for when purchasing Zumba shoes before making your final decision. This includes the appearance, pivoting, cushioning, supportiveness, material, and fit.


Choosing a pair of shoes for Zumb is probably not something that comes to mind when thinking about your personal style. However, when it comes to group-based exercise such as Zumba, especially when taking classes with others, you will most likely want a pair of shoes that are reasonably attractive and have some eye-catching colour patterns and style points to them.


With an abundance of pivoting, fast movements, slides across the ground, and quickly switching from one dance move to the next with no lag time in between, the wild and wonderful world of Zumba is a must-see for any fitness enthusiast. As a result, you’ll want a pair of Zumba shoes with a relatively slippery outsole if you’re going to be dancing.

It is likely that you will struggle with smoothness and pivoting capacity when performing some of the manoeuvres if the sole of your current Zumba shoes is too sticky or has too much grip. In addition, transitioning from one dance move to the next will be difficult to master.


When looking into Zumba shoes, one of the most important factors to consider is the amount of cushioning they provide for the wearer. Zumba is an extremely high-impact exercise option, and as a result, you’ll want to invest in a pair of shoes that have plenty of cushioning to protect your feet.

This is more than just a problem with the heel. In addition, it applies to the midfoot as well as to the ball of the foot. An hour of “Zumba room” exercise will almost certainly result in your feet hurting, especially if you are not wearing shoes with adequate cushioning.


Zumba is known for its extensive quick movement and hard landings, so it is essential to have a pair of Zumba shoes that provide a significant amount of support to the wearer during the class. The best-case scenario is that your Zumba shoes provide excellent arch support. This is especially true if you have flat feet (see our guide to the best shoes here) or plantar fasciitis (see our guide to the best shoes here) (see our guides here on that ailment).

Additionally, the ankle support in your chosen pair of Zumba shoes should be extremely high in order to be effective. In the absence of adequate ankle support, faster movements can easily result in sprained ankles in a short period of time.


It’s possible that the material composition of your new pair of Zumba shoes isn’t all that significant. The characteristics of the material, on the other hand, are. You should wear breathable shoes for Zumba because it is an extremely intense form of exercise and you will most likely be sweating a lot during the class.

You want a pair of shoes that are both breathable and lightweight, as this will keep your feet from becoming overheated and sweaty while walking. In some cases, this can make your Zumba experience uncomfortable, and in some cases even painful.


One of the other most important considerations to make when looking into Zumba shoes for purchase is whether or not they are snug and well-fit. You’ll want shoes that are easy to lace up and keep their shape. Some go a step further and include a velcro strap as well as the other features.

The goal is to have a shoe that fits snugly enough that your feet don’t move around and rub against each other too much, but not too tight that they are uncomfortable. Blisters and calluses can easily develop in a shoe that has too much space, and in some cases, this can lead to tripping and falling.

Zumba Shoes FAQs

Why can’t I just wear my regular running or gym shoes instead of these?

Even though this is a feasible option, we do not recommend it. Cross-training and running shoes, for example, are designed to propel the wearer forward. Zumba, on the other hand, has dancers moving in all directions at the same time, performing pivots, turns, and other impressive manoeuvres as they go. Therefore, the grip that makes running shoes incredible for outdoor running and trail hopping proves disastrous in a Zumba environment, where shoes must be slippery in order to perform properly.

How often do I need to replace my Zumba shoes?

Not as frequently as you might expect! We generally recommend that you replace your shoes every nine to twelve months. We also recommend that you refrain from wearing them outside of your Zumba class. When it comes to Zumba shoes, this is one of the most tragic mistakes that can be made because it reduces the lifespan of the shoes. Dance shoes, with their slick outsoles, will wear out much more quickly than running shoes that are intended for outdoor use that are comparable in price.

Is it necessary to break in Zumba shoes in any way?

It is still recommended that you break in your Zumba shoes, even though it is not required (at least according to the recommendations above). It is highly recommended by many Zumba professionals and participants that you put your new Zumba shoes on and walk around with them on a carpeted surface. Alternatively, a little light dancing will assist you in ensuring that your first full Zumba session is comfortable and free of discomfort. This allows your shoes to loosen up a little bit while also giving your feet more time to adjust to the traction required by the shoes.

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