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How To Buy The Best Squirrel Feeder

The Best Squirrel Feeder

Looking to buy the best squirrel feeder? Check out our guide below and you’ll be well-placed to select the right one for you.

When purchasing a squirrel feeder, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Whether you’re a novice birdwatcher or a seasoned pro, you’ve probably heard of “squirrel feeders.”
Squirrel feeders may seem insignificant, yet they are an important element of bird viewing.
You may have had a similar difficulty at some point, “Why are my feeds fading even before the birds arrive?”

When you put food in an open container, you’re likely to attract not only birds, but also other creatures.
Our furry little companions, the squirrels, in particular!
They’re cute, but they’re also known in the bird-watching community for raiding feeders, leaving little for the intended species to eat.
So, what do you do when squirrels steal your feathered friends’ food?
You provide them with their very own feeder!

Years of bird watching have taught me that there are a few things to consider when purchasing a squirrel feeder.
This guide was created to assist you in selecting the best squirrel feeder for your needs!

The Correct Dimensions

Let’s start with the size of your feeder.
Once you’ve installed a squirrel feeder on your yard, you’ll be able to attract squirrels every morning as if you were living in your own enchanted forest.
This appears to be exciting!
Is your feeder, however, big enough for the food you’re putting out?
Or are you only able to put a small bit of food in it, which means you’ll have to do more refilling?
Consider the feeder’s size in relation to the food you’ll be putting on it.

When calculating the size element, keep in mind the average size of the squirrels you attract.
Do you have large squirrels that necessitate larger feeders and more food?
Your guests will multiply in number in a matter of days after the initial feeding; will the feeder be able to handle it?
Consider the size of the feeder in relation to the size of the squirrel.

Materials that are appropriate

Most squirrel feeders are built of one of three materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
When purchasing a squirrel feeder, I analyse the materials used in its construction in order to determine its proper placement and use.

Many squirrel feeders, for example, are made of wood.
The ideal wood material is cedar, which has a natural ability to withstand dampness.
It keeps cool on hot days, and squirrels have no trouble using it.
Wooden feeders, on the other hand, are susceptible to water damage on rainy days.
Furthermore, because squirrels have a natural desire to gnaw on items in order to hone their ever-growing teeth, wood feeders are easily dismantled by them once the food is gone.

Plastic feeders can be brightly coloured, shaped in unusual ways, and are relatively light.
They’re simple to hang on tree branches, beams, and walls.
It can also withstand rain and wind, but once the weather warms up, the squirrels get rather uncomfortable.
They’re also less difficult to break.

Metal feeders are the highest-quality feeders available.
It endures bright and rainy days, summers and winters alike.
They’re also virtually impervious to the gnawing and chewing that kills the feeders.

Consider the weather and surroundings in your location before purchasing a squirrel feeder.

The Ideal Layout

The majority of bird enthusiasts hang their feeders in their lovely gardens and lawns.
One thing to think about when buying a feeder is the design and how it will influence your landscape in general.
Does it draw a lot of attention to itself?
It’s fascinating to watch squirrels dine in groups at your feeder, but they can grow apprehensive when the design draws attention to them.

Is the design attractive enough to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders?
Feeder designs can often be unnecessarily intricate, making it difficult to attract the typically obnoxious furry.
When it comes to feeders, simplicity is crucial because it is frequently the most effective.
Sure, there are some amusing designs out there, but at the end of the day, you want consistent feeding outcomes.

It’s also worth considering whether the feeder is simple to clean, fill, and use on a daily basis.
This will determine how much work you will put in on a daily basis and should be one of your deciding criteria.
Simple lids and drainage are included in great squirrel designs for easy feeding and cleaning on both rainy and sunny days.

The Guarantee

After evaluating the aforementioned considerations, you must now examine the warranty.
This relates to the product’s long-term viability and the company’s confidence in it.
There are a lot of long-lasting feeders available, however this may result in a higher market price.

There are some that are less expensive and less durable, but they can be simply replaced.
Then there are the long-lasting products that don’t come with a warranty but are a sure-fire superb long-term investment.

Consider the product’s quality and how long you’ll be using it.

The Cost

After all has been said and done, the price is the last thing to consider.
Does the price reflect something you can afford based on the size, make, and model?
Do you think it’ll be a feeder you’ll use for a long time, or do you think you’ll simply need it for a short time before you decide what to buy?
The pricing reflects the overall quality of the goods, so it’s best to know what attributes you’re searching for before you buy.

These are just a few of the things to think about while purchasing a squirrel feeder.
You’re now resistant to the attractive shop speak marketers use to entice clients into buying something they don’t actually want after reading this list compiled by a fellow bird watcher.

Other Important Considerations

What is the purpose of a squirrel feeder?

Simply put, a squirrel feeder is a food container used by birdwatchers to feed squirrels.
The main users of this feeder are bird watchers who want to keep squirrels from consuming everything they put out for wild birds.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Squirrel feeders deceive our furry little friends into eating the food instead of stealing seeds from your bird feeders.
It’s usually used as a squirrel deterrent so that your bird buddies may eat their food in peace.

The issue about squirrel feeders is that they come in a variety of materials and are designed for different purposes.
Wood is an excellent material for a squirrel feeder because it is cool in the summer and always durable.
Plastic feeders are lightweight, work well for hanging feeders, and are less expensive than metal feeders.
Metal feeders are among the most expensive, and are mostly purchased for their extreme durability.
It proves to be of great assistance to enthusiasts, whether it is simply for enjoyment or as a strategy to divert them from taking the bird seeds.

What are the various types of squirrel feeders available?

When purchasing squirrel feeders, there are a number of items to consider.
You must examine the surrounding environment, the location, the animals in the area, and the food you will supply.
Because squirrel feeding takes up a lot of your time, it’s best to study it thoroughly so you don’t waste any time.

Squirrel Feeder Installation

The location is one of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a squirrel feeder.
What type of environment do you have?
Do you have a modest garden or one that is densely forested?
Do you have soil that is grassy?
What about a set of stone walls?
The following are the various varieties of squirrel feeders, organised by how they will be installed:

Hanging Feeder

Hanging feeders can be used if you have tree branches or walls where the feeders can be hung.
The majority of hanging feeders are hung from high places to tempt squirrels with their apparent visibility.
I have some hanging feeders that I use on occasion, and they’re a lot of fun to watch!

Squirrels are known for having a good time when they’re playing, especially with food.
The joy of watching squirrels figure out how to eat from the hanging feeders is unrivalled, and it makes you believe they are more intelligent than they appear.
Hanging feeders resemble nature in that squirrels must struggle for their food rather than being given it freely, providing a pleasant distraction for your birds to eat their seeds in peace.

Feeder that is mounted

The mounted feeder is a different style of feeder you could utilise.
Typically, you’ll see this style of feeder affixed to a high wall, a tree trunk, or even atop basic poles.
When compared to hanging feeders, mounted feeders are more durable, with screws and attachments ensuring that the feeder does not fall or break.
We see a lot of different varieties and iterations of this type of feeder, and it gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of where you can put it and how you can use it.

Feeder for the ground

The ground feeder is the last type of feeder (in terms of placement).
This is a classic feeder that is simple to manufacture, use, and clean.
All you have to do with this feeder is fill it with food, set it on the ground, and watch the furry companions devour the food you’ve provided.
It is a safe choice for novices because it is positioned on the ground and there is no risk of it falling from a high point.

Squirrel Feeder Types Based on Usage

When it comes to usage, squirrel feeders come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
This is when factors like diet, environment, and animal kind come into play.
What kind of food do you feed the squirrels on a regular basis?
What kind of weather are you experiencing?
Do you have a lot of squirrel buddies, or only a few?

Feeder Hopper

Hopper feeders, for example, are ideal for storing and keeping food.
Hopper squirrel feeders, like hopper bird feeders, are well-known in the community for their V-shape mechanism, which allows the seeds and nuts to fall as the squirrels eat them.
The food is protected from the elements by the roofing and walls, which protect it from heavy rains, high winds, and other factors.

Because the majority of them are made of fibreglass, you can see if the food is running low or is still stacked high.
Squirrels enjoy feeding from the hopper, but because to the limited apertures, they cannot all eat at the same time.

Tube Feeder

Another form of feeder is the tube feeder, which is named from its ease of design and operation.
A tube feeder, which is similar to a nut dispenser, gives wonderful images for a squirrel in case you need a distraction.
They also keep food well and protect it from the elements such as the sun, rain, wind, and soil dirt.
However, because they are more appealing to squirrels, they must be sturdy enough to withstand the gnawing and chomping of our furry companions.

Platform Feeder

The platform feeder is the last and possibly most well-known.
Having a platform feeder for your pals could not be easier.
Using a platform feeder, you essentially place the food on an open container (similar to a tray) that is accessible to any squirrel around.
It’s simple to fill and clean, and there are no walls or ceilings to hinder your line of sight, whether you’re staring lovingly at your newfound pals or simply checking if there’s any food left.
The only disadvantage is that the food may be impacted by the elements and may be consumed by other animals.

When selecting a squirrel feeder, consider the location as well as the utilisation that you require.
You might also use the feeders in different combinations and variants.
Mounted hopper feeders are a good option if you require a strong feeder that you can hang from a tree.
The grounded tube feeder is for you if you want to observe your squirrel pals queue up on the ground.
When it comes to feeders, you have a lot of alternatives, so take a look at your surroundings and figure out which feeder you’ll need based on where you’ll put it and how you’ll use it.

What is the purpose of a squirrel feeder?

A squirrel feeder can serve two functions, as we’ve already discussed: it can keep squirrels away from bird seed and it can make your landscape more attractive.
Buying a squirrel feeder is the appropriate decision for you if you just want your birds to peck in peace or if you want your mornings to be like something out of a book.

The Best Squirrel Feeder to buy

SaleBestseller No. 1
Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder | Small Terrace Provides A Platform For Squirrels To Feed From | Easy To Clean, (Pack of 1)
  • The Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder can be used to encourage Squirrels into your garden or can be used to deter Squirrels from attacking wild bird feeders by providing them with their own source of food.
  • Powder coated metal construction ensures the feeder will have a long life.
  • A little tip when placing a Squirrel Feeder for the first time in your garden is to place a little piece of food between the lid and tube so the Squirrel can work out how to access the food.
  • Small terrace provides a platform for Squirrels to feed.
  • Easy to clean.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Wildlife World Wooden Squirrel Feeder and Feeding Box with Lift-Up Lid for the Garden
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Each squirrel house is made of sturdy, natural FSC-certified timber from well-managed forests. Stainless steel hinges and solid, screwed construction ensure durability for years
  • JUST FOR SQUIRRELS: As an alternative to a squirrel-proof bird feeder, this feeding station may help divert squirrels from eating bird food, seed, nuts, corn, and more
  • EASY TO USE: Lift-up lid provides easy access for squirrels. Simply secure or hang on your outdoor garden, patio, or deck surface
  • HOW TO FEED: Place peanuts or specially formulated squirrel food on or around the feeder. Once discovered, squirrels will use the feeder. Clean and remove any old food and top up regularly
  • EDUCATIONAL: This sturdy squirrel box is educational and entertaining. Watch the Red (and Black and Brown!) Squirrels and of course the Grey Squirrels that are common in UK habitats and gardens
SaleBestseller No. 3
Garden Squirrel Feeder with Metal Roof - Natural Wood in Grey with Extra Long Feeding Platform - Great Outdoor Feeding Station for Encouraging Squirrels to your Garden
  • 🌰 FEED THE SQUIRRELS: Whether it is the Red or the Grey Squirrel, they are all visitors to the British Garden. They need to eat and can be a welcome addition to the Garden. To keep them away from your Bird Feeders, give them their own well built feeding station.
  • 🌰 NATURAL: The feeding station is made from natural wood and painted Grey. The window is made of plastic to keep the squirrel safe, no glass here.
  • 🌰 METAL ROOF: The metal roof is an upgrade on the unprotected wooden roof that usually falls foul to the British weather. But the metal roof provides protection and extra strength.
  • 🌰 LARGE PLATFORM: A lot of feeding stations have a short platform which makes it harder for the squirrel to access the feeding station, so we have a slightly longer platform to help them eat in comfort.
  • 🌰 WARRANTY: So that you can purchase with confidence, all our products come with a 1 year warranty to give you piece of mind.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Garden Squirrel Feeder with Metal Roof - Natural Wood with Extra Long Feeding Platform - Great Outdoor Feeding Station for Encouraging Squirrels to your Garden
  • 🌰 FEED THE SQUIRRELS: Whether it is the Red or the Grey Squirrel, they are all visitors to the British Garden. They need to eat and can be a welcome addition to the Garden. To keep them away from your Bird Feeders, give them their own well built feeding station.
  • 🌰 NATURAL: The feeding station is made from natural wood. The window is made of plastic to keep the squirrel safe, no glass here.
  • 🌰 METAL ROOF: The metal roof is an upgrade on the unprotected wooden roof that usually falls foul to the British weather. But the metal roof provides protection and extra strength.
  • 🌰 LARGE PLATFORM: A lot of feeding stations have a short platform which makes it harder for the squirrel to access the feeding station, so we have a slightly longer platform to help them eat in comfort.
  • 🌰 WARRANTY: So that you can purchase with confidence, all our products come with a 1 year warranty to give you piece of mind.
Bestseller No. 5
Navaris Squirrel Feeder for Outdoors - Pine Wood House with Metal Roof for Squirrels - Durable Feeding Station for the Garden, Backyard
  • NUT HOUSE: With the Navaris Squirrel Feeder, you can offer squirrels a safe environment to eat nuts in the backyard, garden or forest throughout the year. Squirrel feeders give them a source of food apart from your bird feeders.
  • EASY TO MOUNT: Hang the wooden feeder on a tree in an area that is quiet and accessible to squirrels. Enjoy watching squirrels grabbing and eating their food from afar!
  • PROTECTION FROM RAIN: The metal roof is made of iron to protect the feeding station from rain, so less moisture enters the wood.
  • FEED 'EM: Recommended food includes nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and raisins (food is not included in the delivery). Keep squirrel feeders well stocked at all times to prevent squirrels from straying from their feeders.
  • ANIMAL SAFETY: The transparent plastic front window offers the squirrels a clear view of where they can find their food. The opening has a safety gap to prevent injury to the squirrel if the lid closes while it is eating.
Bestseller No. 6
Plai Wooden Squirrel Feeder Box, Squirrel Food Feeder House with Corn Cob Holders and a Cup, Chipmunk Feeder Stations for Backyard and Garden Funny Gifts
  • EXTENDED FRONT PLATFORM DESIGN - With corncob rack and steel water bowl, pine wood house for squirrels to be the largest about 23 x 29 x 24.5 cm when unfolds, larger platform give your furry friends better enjoying their snacks,It must be interesting to watch squirrels from a distance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The squirrel feeder box is pre-assembled, only need to fix the box on a tree, backyard fence or other wood surface , and then put in some food like corn, nuts, peanut etc. Don't need to waste time assembling the squirrel box alone, let's wait for the squirrels & chipmunks come to your new deluxe hanging squirrel feeder box.
  • MATERIAL - Made from pine wood, the thickness of the board about 1.7cm, solid wood ensure it durable and not easy to corroded, a movable metal roof design can protect the feeding food from rain, for squirrel friends this feeder is like a tree.
  • PERFECT GIFT - This is an interesting gift for friends, children or parents, they can mount the squirrel box in the backyard, garden and add some nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts or raisins, and then wait for the squirrel arrive, and then observe squirrel & chipmunks enjoying the snacks, it must be very interesting!
  • PERFECT SOLUTION - Protection bird feeder and your plants, not only let the squirrels eat corn, peanuts nuts in the feeder in peace, but also make them away from our bird feeders and planted plants.
Bestseller No. 7
Squirrel Feeder, Wooden Squirrel Picnic Table with Umbrella and Corn Cob Holder, Outdoor Squirrel Care Bench Feeder for Garden
  • 【Squirrel Picnic Table Feeder】 This miniature squirrel picnic table makes a fun addition to any garden, and can be used to feed the resident squirrels and birds.
  • 【Get Your Food Out】 Place nut and corn on this marvellous squirrel picnic table feeder, and it will bring all the squirrels to your yard.
  • 【Cute Red Umbrella】 Comes with a high-quality stainless steel red umbrella(diameter 27.5cm), can shelter the squirrels from the wind and rain when they eat food.
  • 【Easy to Install】 Just install the back plate with screws first, and then install the umbrella and corn holder screws. you can nail it to a tree or fence, or even put the squirrel table directly on the grass in the garden.
  • 【Multifunctional】 It can not only attract squirrels, but also other small animals such as birds. You only need to place the food that small animals like on the squirrel table.
Bestseller No. 8
SA Products Wooden Squirrel Feeder - Natural Bark Wood Material - Hanging Nesting Feeding Station for Bird, Animals - Outdoor Garden Wild Food Storage Box for Nuts, Peanuts, Seeds, Fruit - 16x24x15cm
  • 🐿️ FEED THE SQUIRRELS - Give the squirrels in your yard a safe environment to eat in. Our squirrel food station can hold nuts, seeds, grains, and fruits so they can eat anytime they're hungry.
  • 🐿️ MADE TO LAST - Our squirrel feeders are crafted using natural, sturdy bark wood. This solid material can withstand harsh weather, rusting, and won't break, crack, snap, or warp easily.
  • 🐿️ STYLISH GARDEN DECOR - Beautify your outdoor space with a cute and functional accessory. You can hang this brown wooden squirrel house in your garden, lawn, yard, patio, porch, or balcony.
  • 🐿️ HASSLE-FREE INSTALLMENT - You won't have a hard time installing this 16x24x15cm wooden bird feeder. All you have to do is hang it on a tree branch, pole, or railing using a wire hanger.
  • 🐿️ USEFUL HOUSEWARMING GIFT - Know someone who loves cute little squirrels? Help them attract this furry animal to their yard. Give this garden feeder as a housewarming or Christmas present.
Bestseller No. 9
Squirrel Feeder for Outside Hanging - Corn, Nuts Container, Pine Wood House with Peanuts in Shell for Squirrels, Durable Feeding Station for The Garden, Backyard, Suitable Gift for Squirrel Lovers
  • 【THE SOURCE OF HAPPINESS】Believe this squirrel feeder can only bring us happiness and joy. It's cool to watch them lift up the cover and help themselves to the treats. You will spending more time in your yard and bring a great big smile every time. I'm sure your squirrels and chipmunks will get great use from it.
  • 【LOVELY GIFT】It is so adorable and characteristic. the feeder is perfect for giving as gifts for Nature Lovers, Backyard Enthusiasts. It’s a lovely garden decoration and feed your furry friends at the same time.
  • 【EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT】 The squirrel feeder is made out of real pine wood and the size of the feeder is about 10” x 5” x 9", just the right size for your yard. The plastic glass window is about 0.1 inches thick, more sturdy and not fragile. The squirrel feeder has no rough edges or surfaces, Very friendly to stuffed animals. The squirrel feeder is Well-made and Joints fit t ogether perfectly.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】The hanging squirrel feeder for outdoors is equipped with Zinc chromate screws、screwdriver ( included in the delivery), Pine board with predrilled installation holes and product manual. You can assemble according to the product manual, it will take you about fifteen minutes. You can fix the product on the tree and then put in some food like corn, peanut etc.
  • 【INGENIOUS DESIGN , EASY TO FILL & CLEAN】The plastic glass window with a curved opening at the front is movable. It’s safer for animals and you can turn the plastic glass upside and down. The plastic glass opening facing upward is suitable for feeding squirrels. The opening facing downwards makes it easier for birds to get food. Also it easy to clean out and refill. Slanted red pine wood roof can prevent rain from entering the interior and the food always stays clean and dry.
Bestseller No. 10
Natures market Squirrel Hotel
  • Ideal for any size garden
  • Size 16.5 cm depth x 16.5 cm height x 14 cm length
  • Wooden squirrel feeder.
  • Durable wooden construction
  • Weight : 0.69 Kg

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