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The Best Washing Machine Cleaner To Buy In 2022

When your washing machine starts to smell, you know it’s time for a thorough cleaning. It’s usually a moist odour that indicates the presence of mould and mildew on the inside.

This odour can sometimes transfer to your clothes, and no amount of air freshener will help.

Even if it doesn’t smell, your washing machine is definitely dirtier than it appears. There is certainly a build-up of dirt and detergent deposits within if you haven’t cleaned it in several years.

Limescale build-up is also a prevalent problem in areas with hard water. It has the potential to harm your washing machine.

A washing machine cleaner is the greatest solution to deal with all of these issues – odours, limescale, and filth.

Mold, mildew, limescale, and bacteria that cause odours are all removed by a thorough washing machine cleanser. It will clean nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own, ensuring a thorough clean.

It is really simple to utilise a washing machine cleaning. Place it in the detergent drawer and then start a wash cycle according to the cleaner’s directions.

We’ve chosen five of the best washing machine cleansers on the market in the UK. Some are fantastic for odours, while others are better for limescale, and yet others can handle anything.

But first, a few pointers on selecting the best washing machine cleaner.

What to Think About When Buying a Washing Machine Cleaner

Does it Get Rid of Odors?

At the very least, any washing machine cleaning should be able to eliminate odours.

Reading customer evaluations is a fantastic approach to see if the cleaner meets this basic need. The cleanser should not only eliminate odours, but also keep them at bay for a long period.

Naturally, some cleansers are more effective than others. To maintain your washing machine smelling fresh, you may need to clean it more frequently – perhaps every 20 or so washes.

Others can go for up to 50 washes before needing to use the cleaner again.

Is it effective in removing mould and mildew?

Another fundamental need that every washing machine cleanser should meet is this.

Mold and mildew are two of the most common issues in washing machines, which is understandable given the humid atmosphere.

Any good washing machine cleaner should be able to get rid of mould and mildew deposits in every nook and cranny.

Is it Effective at Removing Limescale?

Not all washing machine cleaners are designed to remove scale build-up. Check that the cleaner you buy can remove limescale if you reside in a hard water location.

Scale deposits (from minerals in hard water) will continue to build up inside the washing machine if left alone. It can damage numerous components and shorten the life of your appliance over time.


Finally, see if the washing machine cleaner can be used with other equipment like your coffee maker and dishwasher.

Some lime scale and mould cleansers may be safely used in other appliances, saving you the trouble of having to buy various cleaners for each.

Environmentally friendly

There are many options available in the market if you want eco-friendly, vegan, or cruelty-free items.

What Is a Washing Machine Cleaner and How Do I Use It?

Before you use the cleaner, please read the instructions on the label. The following are some general guidelines that apply to the majority of washing machine cleansers and descalers.

In the detergent drawer, place the needed amount of cleaner (which could be 1 pill or a precise amount of powder or liquid). Some cleansers can be poured right into the drum of the washing machine.
Set the washing machine to 60 degrees Celsius. Do not load the washing machine with any laundry.
Wipe the door, door seal, and detergent drawer with a diluted cleaner solution after the wash cycle is completed. Pay close attention to the seal, where you’ll likely discover a ring of black filth. The seal will not fracture or wear as a result of this.

Use a washing machine cleaning every 2-3 months or after 30-40 wash cycles to keep your machine in tip-top shape.

Repeat the treatment once a month for descaler.

The Best Washing Machine Cleaners

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner

Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner
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The best way to get rid of washing machine odours is to use Dettol washing machine cleaner.

The strong composition of Dettol sanitises your washing machine better than most other cleaners. Mold and mildew, the two most frequent producers of odours, as well as odour-causing bacteria, are all targets.

Dettol also helps to dissolve certain limescale.

However, if your washing machine hasn’t been cleaned in years or is really nasty, you may need to use all three bottles to get the greatest results.

Pour one bottle of Dettol washing machine cleaner into the detergent drawer, then start a 60-degree wash cycle without any laundry.

The cleaner performs an excellent job of reaching hard-to-reach locations where scale and slime tend to accumulate.

If there are still mould spots or an odour after the first cleaning, repeat the procedure with another bottle of Dettol cleanser.

Wipe down the detergent drawer, rubber seal, and glass door with a diluted solution of 1 tablespoon Dettol cleanser and 200ml water to sterilise them.

To maintain your washing machine smelling fresh and avoid mould and scale build-up, Dettol recommends using the cleanser every two months.

We like it because:

Removes unpleasant odours effectively.
Mold is removed.
Over 99 percent of microorganisms are killed.

Dr. Beckmann Service-It Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner

Dr. Beckmann Service It Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner
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Dr. Beckmann is another wonderful option if your washing machine is smelling and mouldy. It kills 99.9% of bacteria, just like Dettol, leaving your washing machine cleaner, hygienic, and smelling great.

It also removes filth that has accumulated as a result of wearing soiled garments. The cleaner’s active carbon attracts filth and then flushes it out of the machine.

Scale is not mentioned by the manufacturer, and some customers indicate that it does not remove scale. So, unless you use it in conjunction with a limescale remover, we wouldn’t recommend it for households with hard water.

The Dr. Beckman Service-It cleanser, on the other hand, is fantastic for odours, filth, and detergent build-up.

A 250g packet of Dr. Beckmann cleanser (which, by the way, is in powder form) is available. It comes in packs of two, four, or six packets.

Pour a single package into the washing machine to use it. Select a 60°C wash cycle without adding any laundry.

The manufacturer suggests operating your washing machine every three months or every 40 wash cycles to keep it in good working order.

We like it because:

Exceptionally excellent at removing odours.
Detergent build-up is also removed.
It’s simple to use.

Indesit Limescale & Detergent Remover

Indesit Limescale Detergent Remover
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We propose the Indesit Limescale & Detergent Remover for homes with hard water. It removes soap scum, scale, and slime that have accumulated in the washing machine over time.

But it’s not just for locations with hard water. Even if you use soft water, your washing machine will accumulate detergent and scale. Even mild water contains hardness minerals that can lead to scale formation.

Most people are unaware of how serious their scale problem is until their washing machine breaks down and they are forced to replace it or spend a significant amount of money on repairs.

Years of scale build-up are removed with the Indesit descaler. For each descaling, you only need to use one sachet.

Fill the detergent drawer with the contents of the packet and begin an empty wash cycle at 60°C. To prevent scale from forming again, repeat the descaling process every month with a new sachet.

You can also use Indesit to clean the scale out of your dishwasher.

It’s important to note that the Indesit Limescale & Detergent Remover is solely a descaler. It doesn’t get rid of odours, bacteria, or dirt.

This will not assist if your problem is a smelly washing machine. We still recommend it for the scale, but use it in conjunction with another washing machine cleaning such as Dettol or Dr. Beckmann.

We like it because:

Descaler with a lot of punch.
10 sachets each pack – enough for 10 months.
Your washing machine’s life is extended.
All washing machines and dishwashers are safe to use.

Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner

Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner
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We propose the Ecozone washing machine cleaning if you want environmentally friendly items. It’s vegan and hasn’t been tested on animals.

The Ecozone cleanser is mostly used for descaling, but it can also be used to eliminate odours.

However, in addition to Ecozone, try Dettol or Dr. Beckmann if your washing machine has a very foul odour that won’t go away.

The Ecozone cleanser is best at removing hardness minerals (limescale) from your washing machine or dishwasher. It also eliminates old detergent residues.

While it may not be able to entirely eliminate all odours on its own, the fresh lemon aroma it left behind is beneficial.

Drop a single tablet in the drum and run a 60C washing cycle to descale your machine (with no laundry). The tablet’s packaging should not be removed because it is soluble.

Every month, descale with a one pill to keep scale and detergent build-up at bay. Six tablets are included in the package, each of which is good for six months.

We like it because:

Descaler for washing machines and dishwashers that works well.
Environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly.
Lemon fragrance is pleasant.

Pro-Kleen Washing Machine Cleaner and Descaler

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Get the 5-litre Pro-Kleen washing machine cleaner and descaler if you want an all-around cleaner that will get rid of odours, remove scale, and pick up dirt.

This is the most cost-effective washing machine cleaner we found. It holds a huge 5 litres and costs about twice as much as smaller cleaners.

Pro-Kleen, on the other hand, lasts much longer. Other cleansers are only good for 3-6 uses, whereas Pro-Kleen is good for 50.

This is because only 100ml of the liquid is required for a single clean. That’ll clean your washing machine thoroughly and eliminate any built-up limescale.

The aspect that helps with scents is the deep cleaning. Bacteria, mould, mildew, and other junk that makes your washing machine stink are all eliminated with Pro-Kleen.

Pro-Kleen will assist if your clothing come out smelling damp and mouldy.

By removing scale and detergent residues, the Pro-Kleen cleaner enhances the efficiency of your washing machine and extends its lifespan. This is especially beneficial for households that use their washing machine on a regular basis or live in a region with hard water.

To use Pro-Kleen, pour 100ml into the detergent drawer and run a 50°C wash cycle. To maintain your washing machine clean and free of scale, repeat this procedure every 2-3 months.

We like it because:

Very cost-effective.
It lasts a long time.
2-in-1 formula cleans and removes scale from your washing machine.

Washing Machine Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use a washing machine cleaner?

Simply run your washing machine on a hot cycle with no detergent and no clothes in it for a quick and easy home clean. This will keep the machine clean and working smoothly on its own, but if you’ve never cleaned it before, you can enlist the help of some major guns.

Cleaning tablets are fantastic; simply toss one in with your regular laundry load in your washing machine. To keep things functioning well, do this once a month.
Vinegar is a powerful cleaner that can also be used to clean your washing machine. Don’t worry, the odour goes away soon, so you won’t smell like a pickle every time you wash your clothing! Fill your machine with a pint of white vinegar and put it through a cycle without clothing.
Another excellent cleaning agent is baking soda. Add a cup of baking soda to the powder drawer and run a cycle without clothes, or combine this with the vinegar option above.

How does a washing machine cleaner work?

You can either use natural substances or chemicals to clean your washing machine, depending on which option you choose. Don’t get me wrong: natural cleaners are fantastic – but there are occasions when you need something a little more aggressive.

Add a splash of Dettol to your powder drawer, especially if you have a machine that has never been cleaned and is continually making your clothes smell musty or not cleaning them well.

Other washing machine cleaners may contain a bleach that is effective at eradicating odours and stains.

Lime scale removers can also be purchased to aid in the cleaning of your washing machine – this is particularly useful for individuals who live in hard water locations where lime scale buildup can impair the machine’s function.

What is the purpose of a washing machine cleaner?

A washing machine cleaner does exactly what it says on the label: it cleans your machine! We don’t always remember to clean the items that clean for us, but your machine – and your clothes – will appreciate a little TLC and a good clean again and then.

Whatever sort of washing machine cleaner you choose, it will help your machine run more efficiently and clean your clothing better than you could have dreamed.

How often should you clean your washing machine?

The frequency with which you run a service wash is determined by how frequently you use your machine. Cleaning your washing machine should be done every 30 washes or every two or three months, whichever comes first. Some high-tech washing machines can even notify you when it’s time to clean them.

Benefits of using washing machine cleaner

Are you still unsure about the advantages of using a washing machine cleaner? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why it will improve your wash:

• Mold risk is reduced.

• Provides protection for internal components and mechanisms.

• Bacteria are killed.

• Gets rid of dirt and build-up

• Prevents odours that are unpleasant.

Is Using a Washing Machine Cleaner Necessary?

Washing machines, like our showers and dishwashers, require cleaning even though they are meant to do so.

Mold and mildew, damp odours, limescale build-up, germs, soap scum, and detergent build-up may all be stopped and prevented by using a washing machine cleanser or manually scrubbing each component.

The washing machine’s internal and external health will be improved and prolonged as a result of this cleaning operation.

In addition, the washing machine will smell and look nicer, leaving our clothing smelling and appearing fresher.

Cooler cycles can cause odours and filth in the washing machine faster, and as more of us convert to energy-saving washes, this is unfortunately becoming more common.

We can preserve the bill-saving cooler cycles and avoid the damp aromas by deep cleaning our washing machines on a regular basis.

Another significant advantage of utilising a washing machine cleaner is that it extends the life of the machine and its components.

Costly washing machine replacements and repairs are less often if properly maintained, saving time, effort, and money.

How to clean your washing machine

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