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Webb WEER33
Webb WEER33

The Webb WEER33 is a product of Webb, a well-known and reputable British brand. A 33cm blade and a 1300-watt electric motor are included in this model. There is a single lever that adjusts the cut height from 25mm to 65mm. The WEER36 comes with a 35-litre grass collection box, a 10-meter power cable, and foldable handles, making it as simple to store as it is to operate.

The WEER33 is a corded electric lawn mower with a power output of 1300-watts, making it ideal for small to medium-sized lawns. The grass is chopped with a 33-centimetre steel blade, and numerous additions aid to improve the cut. There is a central height adjustment lever on the mower, as well as a huge grass box to gather the clippings.

Main Features

  • For Lawns of up to 350m²
  • Blade Length: 33cm
  • Weight: 8.8 Kg
  • Number of Cutting Height: 5 (25mm – 65mm)
  • Grass Box Capacity: 35 L
  • Power: 1300 Watts
  • Cable Length: 10 m
  • Central Height Adjustment
  • Folding Handle
  • Push-Mower

Power System

The Webb WEER33’s blades are spun by a 1300-watt electric motor, which is sufficient for a modest garden or a machine with a short blade like this one. Using a lighter motor also has the obvious benefit of reducing weight.

This machine is 8.8 kilos in weight. A motor with less torque produces less torque, requiring fewer plastic supports to keep it in place. The motor is also lighter, which means the mower need fewer front weights to balance. This makes the mower extremely manoeuvrable around obstacles on the lawn, such as flower beds, and it’s also light enough to carry.


The WEER33 comes with a standard Webb lifting mower blade, but it does not mulch. The operator has the option of collecting the clippings in the grass box or having them discharged from the machine’s back.

When the grass box fills up, the back wheels are larger than the front wheels, which helps with control. Though the front wheels are small, they can become clogged when the box fills with grass.


A 33-centimetre steel blade spins at 3700 revolutions per minute without load in this variant. These blades can be sharpened by the operator, and Webb, as well as some third-party sellers, make replacements.

Replacement blades from Webb are a little more expensive than blades from other manufacturers. However, if you use a third-party blade on any brand of mower, the warranty will be voided if something goes wrong.

Height Modification

A single height-adjustment lever is located behind the lawnmower’s left-front wheel. This lever keeps the deck and blade level to the grass by controlling the height of all four wheels. The lever has five settings, ranging from 2.5 centimetres to 6.5 centimetres in height.

Collection of Grass

The grass box on this mower is 35 litres, making it ideal for a small to medium-sized lawn. If you’re tackling a lawn on the bigger side of the scale, it can take a few of visits to empty it. A strong plastic top and a mesh bag on the underside make up the box.

The broad handle on the plastic top makes it easier to remove it from the mower’s back. Also on the top of the lid is a fill indicator that stays flat when the box is full. The mesh fabric helps with the movement of grass from the blade to the box, making the box quick and easy to store.

The material is prone to damage, as it is with all part fabric grass collection boxes, especially if you have prickly hedges or rose bushes around the lawn. Having said that, the cloth is of good quality and will provide the aforementioned benefits.


The handrail assembly folds in half and is secured in place with release bolts. Two quick-release buttons are located at the bottom of the handrail, where the rail meets the lawn mower. The user can use these buttons to remove the handrail from the mower and store it elsewhere.
A foam grip is also included on the railing to help absorb some of the vibrations that go up from the main deck.
The throttle is on the right side of the bike, which may be problematic for left-handed people.
It’s easier to store a foldable folding grass box than it is to disassemble and reassemble a box.
Although a central height lever is necessary for safety, it is located on the front wheel. This means the operator must still exit the machine from the back to adjust the level.
Grass combs are a fantastic concept. This mower also features a comb on either side to pull in more grass and grass from the edge of a wall with each cut.
This is one of the lightest electric mowers available, making it ideal for individuals who like to store their mower on a shelf rather than on the floor.

Roller (Stripes)

The Webb WEER33 does not come with a roller or striper. There are third-party universal bracket choices available for all mowers.

However, adding anything like a roller to a lawn mower of this size would be impossible. If you really need stripes, you should invest in a second manual roller.


This mower does not mulch, but by turning off the grass box, you can have the clippings exit via the back of the machine. The blade performs a fair job of cutting the grass into little pieces, but not as well as a mulching blade.

Practicalities – Should You Buy This Model?

This mower has five cutting heights, which is more than you’d expect from a mower of this size. The position of the lever that adjusts the deck height is the key concern. If the height lever was in the back or in the middle of the machine, it would be more convenient for the operator. This isn’t a major deal; levers positioned closer to the mower’s centre are quicker to change, and you’ll only be adjusting the height once in a while.

The motor power of this Webb WEER33 is fine, especially when compared to the size of the blade and the size of the lawn this mower is built for. Small wheels will always be a weak point, despite the fact that the rear wheels are much larger and will provide adequate grip.

The railing should have foam on it for control and to absorb some of the vibrations. And it won’t apply to everyone because having an exclusive right-hand throttle excludes left-handers. Yes, the Webb WEER33 mower isn’t jam-packed with features, but it’s a solid, compact, cheap lawn mower that gets the job done with no hassle.

Webb Classic WEER33 Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 5 Cutting Heights, 33cm Cutting Width and 35L Collection Bag - 2 Year Guarantee -
  • COMPACT AND EASY TO MANOUEVRE LAWN MOWER FOR SMALLER LAWNS – weighing just 12.8kg this lightweight mower has a wide 33cm cutting area and a long 10 metre cord to quickly and easily mow a smaller lawn and leave it looking immaculate
  • POWERFUL 1300W MOTOR AND 5 CUTTING HEIGHTS - simply raise the single lever to lower the blade to cut grass to the perfect length from a very short 25mm to a higher 65mm
  • LARGE BAG NEEDS EMPTYING LESS OFTEN – mesh design makes for a better airflow so the generous 35 litre bag fills up completely before it needs emptying, which means you have fewer trips to the compost heap and finish your mowing in less time 
  • VOTED ‘BEST BUY BUDGET MOWER – by BBC Gardener’s World Magazine, a tribute to the great value and excellent build quality of this nifty electric mower 
  • GENUINE PRODUCT FROM AN ESTABLISHED BRITISH BRAND – Webb has a long-standing reputation for superior quality products that are simple to use and easy to maintain, and it has a large UK-based customer service team ready to help with any aftercare issues

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