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What Are The Best Companion Plants For Sweet Potatoes?

Read on discover what the best companion plants are for sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a close relative of the potato and looks a lot like yams.

It’s frequently difficult to distinguish sweet potatoes from yams.

Sweet potatoes are referred to as “yams” in some parts of North America, despite the fact that they are genetically distinct.

Sweet potatoes are available in a range of colours, from purple to bright orange.
Beta-carotene levels are thought to be higher in sweet potatoes with darker colour tones.

Sweet potatoes are considered staple foods because they are high in micronutrients and vitamins, and they are commonly farmed and consumed in significant quantities in nations with vitamin and health deficiencies.

The best sweet potato companion plants will be revealed in this post, ensuring a higher sweet potato output.

Companion Planting: An Overview

Companion planting is a gardening practise in which diverse plants are cultivated next to each other because each plant has the ability to complement or increase the growth of the others, repel pests, or attract beneficial insects.

Companion planting is used for a variety of purposes by farmers and gardeners in both developing and developed countries, including water conservation, nitrogen fixation, nutrient uptake, pest control, and more.

They frequently improve crop productivity while increasing biodiversity.

So, onto the best companion plants for sweet potatoes…


Horseradish is a sweet potato companion plant grown for its spiciness.

It’s a root vegetable that grows year after year.

Horseradish, when cultivated with sweet potatoes, boosts the sweet potato’s disease resistance.

Sweet potato pests such as potato beetles, potato bugs, aphids, whiteflies, and caterpillars are believed to be deterred by horseradish.

Horseradish’s pest-controlling efficacy is due to a chemical called allyl isothiocyanate, which is contained in it.

The spicy flavour of horseradish is also due to allyl isothiocyanate.

Horseradish’s pest-control properties have no scientific basis, but it does have a lot of anecdotal support from farmers and gardeners who swear by its repulsive efficacy.

Adding organic elements from the horseradish plant to the soil around sweet potatoes may also help manage pests that attack sweet potatoes, according to some data.

While horseradish is a good sweet potato companion plant, it is incompatible with kale, broccoli, and other members of the same family.


Peas are a fantastic sweet potato companion plant since they are nitrogen-fixing legumes.
Because sweet potatoes are often in high demand for nitrogen, the two crops work well together when planted together.

Aside from supplementing each other’s nitrogen requirements, several research suggest that growing peas and sweet potatoes together results in higher yields.

During hot weather, peas can provide shade for potatoes to protect them from the sun.
Because sweet potatoes require a lot of water to grow, the additional shade helps to prevent water loss from the soil, which benefits the potato crop.

Sweet potato Colorado beetles are also repelled by peas.


Sweet potatoes benefit from the presence of radishes.

Although they take up a lot of space in the garden, they have shallow roots and develop very quickly, so your sweet potatoes will be looking for places to sprout and nutrients, and the radishes are ready to harvest.

By deterring flea insects, radishes increase sweet potato yields.


Sweet potato companion plants include yarrow.

It makes an excellent companion plant for a variety of other plants.

Yarrow is a perennial herb that benefits the plants it grows around by attracting beneficial insects.

It has deep roots, which are afterwards broken up and scattered among the potato plants.
When utilised in this manner, yarrow can also provide sweet potatoes with the nutrients they require.

In sweet potatoes cultivated in compacted soils, yarrow is essential, as it aids with soil aeration.


Garlic is a fantastic sweet potato complement.
It repels pests from the potato beds when grown alongside sweet potatoes.
It accomplishes this by emitting a pungent odour.

Its intense odour draws pests away from the main plant, the sweet potato.
Garlic is also quite successful in treating late blight, even more so than fungicides.


Beans are one of the best sweet potato companion plants.

It has similar health benefits to peas.

Beans and peas are nitrogen-fixing plants that also give shade.

According to anecdotal evidence, planting beans near sweet potatoes has resulted in higher total yields.


Thyme not only goes well with sweet potatoes in the kitchen, but it also grows well in the garden.

Thyme is a good sweet potato partner because it attracts Syrphidae/ hoverflies, which eat aphids.

It also enhances the flavour of the potatoes once they have been harvested.
Sprinkle some harvest thyme leaves on the baked potatoes for added flavour.


Corn is a good sweet potato companion plant.

Sweet potatoes benefit from it because it provides shade.

Because of the shade given, water evaporation will be reduced, ensuring that the potatoes receive adequate water from the soil, grow healthily, and finally taste well when harvested.


Sweet potato grows well with spinach as a companion plant.

It may be grown around potatoes earlier in the season because of its shallow roots.

Growing spinach around sweet potatoes has several advantages, including providing an excellent ground cover for the potatoes, which helps to prevent water loss.

Spinach also minimises the number of weeds that compete for nutrients with sweet potatoes.


Basil is a herb that can also be used as a plant companion.

It flourishes behind mature potato plants in a damp environment.

It repels pests including flies, thrips, and hornworms as a sweet potato companion plant.


Sweet potato grows well with alliums including spring onions, scallions, and green onions.
Because they are little plants, they take up little or no space between rows of potatoes.

While alliums are excellent sweet potato companion plants, they are incompatible with legumes (beans, peas, and other legumes), which are also excellent sweet potato companion plants.

So, while you’re looking for the best for your sweet potato by using companion planting, you should avoid growing alliums and legumes together.


Borage is a flowering plant that can be planted with a variety of other plants, including sweet potatoes, so it should be included in your garden.

Borage is a good choice for an annual vegetable garden, a fruit tree guild, or a woodland garden.

When growing around your potatoes, it acts as a dynamic accumulator, assisting in the preservation of fertility and moisture for the potatoes once they have been cut into pieces and set around the beds.

Borage also attracts a variety of beneficial insects.


Alyssum is a plant that grows in the alyssum family.

Alyssum is an excellent sweet potato companion plant.

It produces a good ground cover around the sweet potato when grown around it.

It not only provides a good ground cover, but it also enhances garden aesthetics with its lovely appearance.

Alyssum also aids in soil moisture retention and attracts wasps, which prey on insect pests that destroy sweet potatoes.


Sweet potatoes benefit from lettuce in a fascinating way.

Lettuce may not directly benefit sweet potatoes, but it will enhance the garden’s overall yield.

It is a fast-growing crop that is picked before the potatoes begin to compete for nutrients and space.

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