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Why do slugs come into the house?

I honestly can’t think of anything more disgusting than standing on a slug in the middle of the night with bare feet on it. It gives me the creeps just thinking about picking one up and getting rid of it.

The last few months, there have been slug trails all over the place: on the lounge floor, on the couch, on the stairs, on my flip-flops, even on the baby’s car seat! Given the fact that we have been up late the last few nights, we have been able to identify the little blighter, and it appears to be the same individual. I’m too much of a wimp to pick it up and throw it away, but my husband has done so on a couple of occasions. The persistent, slimy, snail without a shell, on the other hand, just keeps showing up.

It’s possible that it’s the same one because slugs each leave their own unique scent trail to help them find their way back home.

According to some sources, one of the reasons slugs may venture into the house (particularly an old house) is that they are likely to be cool, dark, and moist, so if you have a damp problem, that could be one of the reasons they do.

Pet food is yet another example. Considering slugs have an excellent sense of smell, they will make a beeline for it, particularly on rainy nights. Alternatively, they could be after some plants that you have placed in an artistic manner in your living space.

We don’t have any animals, and I haven’t seen any of them anywhere near the window sill, which is where I keep two herb pots, so we don’t have a damp problem, as far as I’m aware.

Although I am unaware of this, I am aware that the front door does not fit very well at all, and because slugs have no bones, they can stretch up to 20 times their normal length, allowing them to squeeze through even the tiniest of openings.

As a result of these facts, I have concluded that the poor creature simply wishes to be cooled down after the lovely warm weather we have been experiencing lately. However, this doesn’t make much sense considering that only 5% of the slug population is visible above ground at any given time.

According to reports, the remainder is underground, engaged in slug-like activities such as eating seedlings, laying eggs, and feeding on roots and seed sprouts. That would have seemed to me to be significantly more appealing than my own home.

Slugs in the house can be eliminated in the following ways:

It is possible to lay down salt paths, but this actually causes the slugs to dry out. It also seems extremely cruel, uncomfortable, and messy, so I will not attempt this.

Using copper barrier tape across door thresholds, around pots, and so on – copper, it turns out, reacts with slug slime and disrupts their nervous system, essentially giving them an electric shock (at the very least, they don’t die).

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If you are using slug pellets or bait, make sure to use the newer type bait that is based on iron phosphate, which is only toxic to snails and slugs, rather than the older style bait that is based on a chemical called metaldehyde, which is toxic to pets, wildlife, and children. These also kill the slug after a few days, making for a somewhat slow process for the poor creatures.

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Crushed eggshells – a common suggestion that appears to be completely ineffective and untrue, as evidenced by this photograph taken during an experiment. Even though the shells had egg residue on them, the snails seemed to be attracted to them, and they did not seem to mind the sharpness of the shells on their bellies. It’s a good thing this one doesn’t work because eggshells all over the place could be even more disturbing than slug trails!

Using a beer trap appears to be the most popular suggestion, and it appears to produce positive results almost every time. It occurred to me that this was the method my father employed, and it was unquestionably effective. Although it is disgusting, the entire mess can be thrown in the compost bin every few days or fed to the chickens

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  • Simply add beer or lager, beer is preferable (not supplied) to the trap.

How Do Slugs Get In?

Slugs are able to detect the smell of pet food and leftovers. Because they do not have hard shells like other insects, they are able to squeeze through small cracks more easily.

Slugs have the ability to stretch their bodies up to 20 times their normal structure. They have no bones or skeletal structure, which allows them to squeeze through even the tiniest cracks and crevices in your door frame.

They have the ability to walk on their backs and climb up vertical surfaces. In addition to ill-fitting doors and spaces under windows, they also take advantage of holes drilled in your floors for gas or water pipes, joints along the surface of your walls, holes associated with electrical wiring, cutouts for dryer ducts or furnaces, and other common entry points.

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