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WPM KD-270S Review

The WPM KD-270S is a dual-boiler machine that can steam milk and pour espresso at the same time, providing professional results at home.

The WPM KD-270S is an outstanding piece of equipment, a powerful espresso machine capable of providing professional results. This model’s two thermoblocks can produce steam at the same time as espresso, allowing you to make high-quality milk-based drinks quickly. This is a terrific pick for anyone who wants to take control of their coffee-making experience, as it produces some of the greatest espresso shots I’ve seen.

There haven’t been many high-quality manual espresso machines on the market, with the majority of models being bean-to-cup or pod-based. As a result, the WPM KD-270S is a refreshing change of pace.

It contains two thermoblocks that let you to heat and steam at the same time, a pro-sized 58mm filter basket, and a few of useful features that make pouring espresso and getting the ideal milk a breeze.

This espresso machine, which costs £850, is substantially less expensive than many of the high-end competitors, and it’s an excellent alternative for individuals who want complete control over their coffee and milk.

Build And Design

At this pricing point, I anticipate excellent build quality, and the WPM KD-270S does not disappoint. This robust and well-built coffee machine is clad in stainless steel and would look equally at home in a modest coffee shop as it would in your own house.

In typically, rising prices are mirrored in larger machine sizes, however the WPM KD-270S flips that tendency on its head. This machine is smaller than many bean-to-cup machines, measuring just 351 x 285 x 355mm, and will fit nicely on most counters.

A pull-out water tank with a large 3-litre capacity is located in the back. In other words, you won’t have to refill this machine very frequently. When the time comes, you can simply open the top lid and pour the water in.

In reality, you’ll only need to remove the water tank when it’s time to replace the water filter, if you want to install one.

There is storage space inside the top flap. There’s a cleaning disc for back-flushing or using a cleaning tablet, as well as a steamer wand cleaner and filter basket storage. WPM offers two 58mm filter baskets, one single and one double, in professional sizes.

Because they’re both single-walled, you’ll need to couple this machine with a good-quality grinder that can grind finely enough. To be honest, if you’re spending this much money on a coffee machine, you’ll want to make sure you get the correct grinder to go with it.

The controls are nicely lined up at the front, with red edge lighting. There are two handles on the sides: one for dispensing hot water and the other for dispensing steam.


The assistance given to guarantee you always pour the ideal drinks is one of the machine’s best features. Two dials are located on the machine’s front. The pressure dial is the one you’ll use the most, as it assists you in determining the ideal pressure for your coffee: aim to maintain the needle in the orange. If you’re in the grey, you’ll need to either tamp harder or grind finer; if you’re in the red, you’ve either tamped too hard or your grind is too fine. It’s a simple yet effective method of ensuring that you always obtain the best images.

It’s also simple to make a drink. There are buttons for single and double shots, as well as a manual mode. The pre-programmed parameters are adequate for getting started, but you can tweak them as needed.

One of the simplest is to use the Program button to adjust the pour volume of the single- and double-shot buttons. When you set them up, you may tailor the output to the types of cups you use and your personal preferences.

There are a few additional possibilities if you get out the instructions. To begin, select one of three pre-infusion modes from the drop-down menu. Infusion is the default, which wets the coffee grounds before pausing, with the goal of making the coffee wet first for improved extraction. You can choose between two modes: Constant, which drips water into the coffee continuously, and Progressive, which drips little amounts of water onto the coffee before the main pour. Which is the most effective? Well, it depends on the type of coffee you like and your personal preferences: once you’ve gotten acclimated to the machine, try experimenting with these.

You can also change the pour’s temperature. The WPM KD-270S’s default temperature is 92°C, but you can change it to -2°C, -4°C, +2°C, and +4°C. Changing the temperature to fit the beans can help you get the most flavour out of them. Again, the option is appreciated.

If I’m being picky, the mechanism for switching between infusion and temperature modes is a little difficult, needing particular button presses. Changes would have been easier if there had been a little LCD with the settings, but this is a minor quibble.

The thermometer incorporated into the steamer wand is also useful. You can ensure that your milk is at the proper temperature every time by using the dial on the front of the coffee machine instead of a separate milk thermometer.

Quality Of Expresso

The ability to pour an excellent espresso is crucial to the WPM KD-270S’s performance. Using a WPM grinder, the coffee machine provided some of the greatest espresso I’ve ever had once I got the grind and tamp just right.

The espresso flowed out of the group handle like a bubbling flow of hot honey, poured slowly and consistently. When I poured the espresso into the cup, I was pleasantly surprised to find a spectacular crema: thick, dark, and oily, with a consistent consistency and head as you swirled the cup.

Coffee was supplied at roughly 64oC with the settings I had entered, which is ideal for most espresso.

The taste was also fantastic. I could taste the powerful, noticeable acidity and a strong body in my fairtrade Peruvian coffee. Although there was a tinge of bitterness, the shot was smooth overall. I also tried some Australian Skybury, which was enhanced by the KD-270S, resulting in a sweet chocolate flavour with a smooth finish.

Some argue that a boiler, rather than a thermoblock, is the better alternative, but quality matters. The WPM KD-270S uses a thermoblock to heat up quickly, allowing it to be ready significantly faster than a boiler-based machine, and it produces consistent shots with little temperature change time after time.

Quality Of Milk Based Drinks

The WPM KD-270S can rapidly and easily produce quality steam thanks to the built-in steam temperature sensor. I quickly had my milk at the desired temperature and consistency, ready to combine with a shot of espresso in a cappuccino cup.

It’s worth noting that, as the results show, the quality of the espresso and crema makes adding well-textured milk considerably easier. Excellent with a thin head on top and tightly packed microfoam and a well-mixed mixture of coffee and milk.

You may also pour espresso and steam at the same time, due to the dual thermoblocks, without having to wait for the machine to heat up or cool down.

Basically, with enough experience, you can attain the same level of quality as you would in a coffee shop.


One of the best aspects of manual espresso machines is that they require very little maintenance. You can use the cleaning disc and tablet to flush out the espresso system in addition to emptying the drip tray and changing the water filter at the recommended intervals.

You should also descale the machine every four to six months, following the simple directions in the manual.


On the one hand, the WPM KD-270S appears to be pretty pricey, but when you compare it to other machines, you’ll notice that it’s actually quite reasonable. For example, the Sage The Dual Boiler is significantly larger and more expensive. The Sage The Bambino Plus is a less expensive machine than the WPM KD-270S, but it only has one boiler and produces inferior results.

Professional-level handles and filter basket, simple assistance to help you get coffee and milk properly, and the ability to make coffee and steam at the same time are all included in this price. The results speak for themselves; if you’re looking for a little coffee machine that can provide barista-quality results, this is it. In fact, this machine is deserving of a spot on our top coffee machines list.

WPM KD-270S Twin Thermobloc Espresso Machine
  • twin thermo block
  • Fast heat up
  • 2 coffee's at once
  • Built in Coffee Pressure and Milk Temp dials for ease of use
  • Professional quality group set and baskets

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